Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good science, stupid interpretation.

Eighth Medical Organization Acknowledges Abortion Breast Cancer Link

I think I can sum this up fairly succinctly with my subsequent comments in #phreadom:

<phreadom> I do agree with their whining about abortion having a link to breast cancer risk. the medical evidence sounds compelling enough.
<phreadom> I still don't think that gives them any right whatsoever to legislate their own morality onto what other people can do with their bodies.
<phreadom> no different than making it illegal to smoke. "there's a cancer risk, therefor we're going to make it illegal to prevent you from hurting yourself."
<phreadom> and alcohol... *cough*prohibition*cough*
<phreadom> wouldn't want to hurt your kidneys and liver and put yourself at risk for cancer, as moderate alcohol consumption releases chemicals in your body which promote vascular growth that can lead to accelerated tumor growth etc.
<phreadom> or how about tanning... that can lead to skin cancer. you're no longer allowed to go out in the sun. we're going to ban being outdoors.

I have no problem with addressing sound science... and it would seem childishly simple to understand that when you get pregnant, your breasts start to grow new lobules in preparation for milk production... and that early in the pregnancy, these lobules are a type that are cancer prone... and that later in the pregnancy, they mature into cancer-resistant types... and that by terminating the pregnancy early, you are left with more cancer-prone types. Simple enough, right?

Ok... and how does this justify you legislating your personal moral beliefs onto another woman and controlling what she can and can't do with her own body?

That's what I thought. Grasping at straws.

It reminds me of some other articles and books I was reading that cover the idea of how Christians are so quick to hold medical science up high when it very occasionally seems to back up their own beliefs... but spend the vast majority of their time vilifying scientific progress because it threatens their ignorant delusion based belief system. It's rather pathetic actually.

I actually had a discussion about this with my mother once... I asked her why if she didn't trust doctors and scientists to have an intelligent opinion about evolution and the human body, human sexuality and such... then why did she trust them with her health care? I tried to get her to acknowledge the dichotomy between her faith in medical science in relation to religious aspects, and to real life.

Like talking to a brick wall. (which as I've said before, is actually more productive than talking to Christians a lot of the time...)

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