Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Iowa GOP won't allow a privately funded manual validation of Diebold computers and Ron Paul quoted $184,000 for any count validation

As a follow-up to yesterday's article about the Iowa Straw Poll and its questionable aims and choice of hardware, procedure etc, we have these disturbing updates.

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Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dear Ron Paul Supporter and Blogger:

Why is Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska someone you should be thinking about? Why does an important political activist in Delaware (David Anderson) call her "The Most Important Political Figure You've Never Heard Of?"

Brent, an Alaska blogger for Ron Paul, has heard of her -- and voted for her in the last election. He signed on today at a Palin Fan.

There is a very strong - and growing - effort to convince Republican candidates for President to look to Gov. Palin as their nominee for vice-president. Here's how one strong supporter (Laura Ebke) of Dr. Paul put it on her "RedStateEclectic": "I think Gov. Palin is an intriguing possibility for Dr. Paul (and, for that matter, for any of the candidates), so give those sites a look. The proprietor of Campaign2008VictoryA, Steve Maloney, introduced himself to me via e-mail this afternoon, and he and I have been carrying on a 'conversation' for much of the day."

In the case of Sarah Palin: How does any elected official become the most popular one in America? How does she get an almost ridiculously low disapproval rating (5%) and an incredibly high approval rating (90%-plus)? In Sarah's case, it's largely a mater of her relentless honesty, a quality that's all too rare in a state with more than its share of political corruption and self-dealing.

Consider how she reacts to the following question asked her by the Anchorage Daily News (ADN):

ADN: "But I think you are also talking about the activities in the gray area -- the business relationships with, you know, a senator or congressman or a state legislator. Between someone with interests in the public process and the people running the public process." [Note: The ADN is asking if it isn't somehow okay to cut moral corners]

SARAH PALIN: "Right. Well, that's why I think we need more real and normal and hardworking and blue-collar Alaskans to want to run for office and serve in these positions that are making decisions. Again, I will personalize this. I am not from that other world. My dad as a school teacher wasn't a mover and shaker developer making big bucks in the state of Alaska off of property development. My husband [a commercial fisherman and oil field worker] isn't that way. I am not raising my kids to be that way.... If you want to be in public service, it is being willing to serve Alaskans for the right reasons. It is having a servant's heart when you come into these positions. It's not to get rich."

When it comes to ethics, Gov. Palin - a mixture of conservatism and libertarianism - not only "talks the talk," but also walks the walk.

She's pro-life, a lifetime member of the NRA, an opponent of the state income tax (Alaska has none), and a strict constitutionalist.

Frankly, Gov. Palin's future - as a vice-presidential nominee and later as an almost-certain Presidential candidate - is important to you and the causes in which you believe.

I urge you to read Fred Barnes's essay on Sarah, one titled "The Most Popular Governor," which you can find at:

Also, please visit my site ( to read my column on "Sarah Palin: 'Having a Servant's Heart." You can check out the dozens of bloggers and columnists (including conservatives Les Kinsolving and SJ Reidhead) who are solidly backing Sarah Palin for the nation's second-highest office.

I hope you'll join this movement, along with other Ron Paul supporters and backers of other Republican candidates. You can do so by leaving a comment on my site or sending me an e-mail at Thanks for your interest.

Stephen R. Maloney
Ambridge, PA
Palin for VP, National Coordination Team

P.S. As a supporter of Dr. Paul, you're interested in how candidates feel about state and federal constitutions. For Sarah's stand on that, please read the article by important conservative writer Dimitri Vassilaros: