Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul's November 5th Fundraising - Are there server limitations holding it back?

From the look of the graph, the line appears too even for too many hours straight.

It appears to me that it's possible that they are running up against some limit in the donation system. It doesn't appear to be bandwidth, possibly something in the back-end system that actually handles the donation processing?

I guess maybe we'll find out later, but it would be highly disappointing if there could have been even more donations, but they were held back by limitations in the donation system, thus preventing the campaign from setting a historical record in Presidential campaign donations for a 24 hour period.


Anonymous said...

If you take a look at this website: you can see that the hourly totals did indeed fluctuate throughout the day and don't appear to have hit any sort of ceiling.

JStressman said...

After around 8am, they seem to hit a fairly even slope. There is still a small bit of variation, but to hold such a steady slope for over 15 hours straight seems to imply to me that there is some sort of limit being hit, or there would be a bit more variation.

Perhaps it's simply a symptom of the type of graph being used, but there doesn't appear to be any increases greater than that main slope, nor any significant lull beneath it, for over 15 hours now.

JStressman said...

Ah, I didn't scroll down, my fault!

I see on the lower graphs the fluctuations in the number of donations per hour etc.

It appears that the relatively smooth slope on the one graph is simply a symptom of the type of graph being used.

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Seeing your blog is all about 'truth', I thought you might want to check this out...

JStressman said...

Frankly I fully support his position on Israel.

The article you link does nothing to sway my opinion on the matter.

I find it humorous that the article itself repeatedly states that there is nothing inherently wrong with his stance, that it is not inherently anti-semetic etc.. but it continuously hints at it. And then in the very same way it accuses Paul of being bad in some way, it goes on to keep saying "People seem to think Ron Paul has a Jewish problem... and maybe he does." and "Given that Israel is armed as Paul suggests, really doesn’t seem to present a problem... or does it?"

Given that they would use such subtle hints to imply that there is something wrong with Paul, and then have the audacity to state "His subtlety is what bothers me.", I frankly find the author a hypocritical, ignorant bigot.

Even a cursory study of middle eastern politics over the past 60 years would make it abundantly clear that our support of Israel, a country who would be doing just find without us, and who frankly has operated against us and in spite of us in such realms as it's clandestine creation of a nuclear arsenal and massive spying within the United States etc, has been a major, if not practically the only catalyst and driving force in fomenting "terrorist" activities against the United States.

Our policy of interfering in middle easter politics, such as installing the shah of Iran and our interference in Lebanon and in using Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden in fighting the Russians and then abandoning them afterwards etc...

All those things have led to the situation we're in today and it is frankly idiotic to want to continue down the same path rather than follow the advice of the founding fathers and avoid at all cost entangling foreign alliances.

We could easily stop supporting Israel, let them rely on their own domestic manufacturing and economy etc... let them defend themselves with their very capable military and nuclear arsenal if need be... and let us save our $3.5 BILLION dollars a year and in the process remove the very pinnacle of support from under the recruitment ideology of the "terrorists".

core said...

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