Monday, November 14, 2005

Aroo? (o_O)

So yeah... chatted with my boss for awhile today.

He leans rather towards the Republican side of the fence... or Libertarian for that matter.

Plus he's a strong Christian.

Considering all that, it was a good conversation. He countered almost every single thing I said somehow... gave me some food for thought. By countered, I don't mean that he disproved anything I said, but has his own side of almost any issue, or some kind of rebuttal to minimize the importance of it etc.

He was saying he won't shop at K-Mart anymore because they're changing their wording of "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays" to be more secular or religion-neutral or something. Then he mentioned something about Halloween being banned for being Pagan and also mentioned Easter...

I told him that they were all Pagan Holidays and that the Christians just made a habit of stealing all the other religions holidays and moving their dates to the dates of the previously existing Pagan holidays etc.

Christmas, Easter etc. Easter was a Pagan fertility ritual, hence the bunnies and eggs etc. Christmas is a conglomeration of many previous religious festivals.

Also, in relation to my earlier post about the French, my boss countered that the French bailed on the revolutionary forces immediately after the first battle and didn't return again for several years until the very last battle, when their navy showed up and sealed the defeat of Cornwall in South Carolina.

So I need to make a list of all his claims... ie; that Michigan doesn't have a high unemployment rate, and hasn't at all recently as a whole state. That the swift boat vets were right in their claims against Kerry, and that Kerry was a lier in regard to at least 1 of his Purple Hearts. That Kerry only served 88 days on the river in Viet Nam and not 2 tours etc. That the Native Americans helped the revolutionaries more than the French. He essentially defended Israel and slammed on the Muslims, slammed on Clinton (a lot) and slammed on the Democrats and Liberals in general.

I'll have to try to remember all of it and do some research of my own.

That's all for now. Time for me to head "home".

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JStressman said...

In response to my own post...

Michigan Model-based Labor Force Estimates - Seasonally Adjusted - Rounded

I heard 14% somewhere and I heard that we were either the highest or second highest or something in the country etc.

I'm trying to figure out if the 14% was just a particular city, like Detroit, and if the rating was something similar for the country-wide statistic.