Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Echoes of the past.

There is a new study out that shows that the United States, which used to be by far the preeminent force in stem cell research, has now fallen far behind many other countries... and can we guess why this is?

Religious fundamentalists and other of their ignorant kin trying to supress medical and scientific advances because their small minds think that it conflicts with their personal religious views.

I've posted on this topic before... but it's nice to see that it's having such a profound effect on our standing globally, as well as our level of medical advancement and our economy etc...

Like the supression of literacy by the church centuries ago... and my favorite thing to note, the Libraries of Alexandria etc.. here's just another case of religion holding back the advancement of humanity out of fear and ignorance. (although I know it can easily be argued that the churches supression of power was a political maneuver and not one of fear and ignorance. although that also parallels quite nicely with modern politics where a politician is now judged on how strong his faith in god is, and not how intelligent or skilled he is. sometimes I weep for humanity.)

I hate religion.

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