Friday, December 16, 2005

1984 or a Brave New World?

I'd shoot for the latter probably.

Let’s see some ID, please.
The end of anonymity on the Internet?

Honestly there hasn't been a lot of real anonymity for awhile, as different agencies have been fond of subpoenaing ISP's for their user records to trace back on-line activity for a few years now at least.

Also, there is always encryption and using older systems that don't include this type of hardware...

But it always brings me back to the same question... where can you go and what can you do nowadays if you really want to be FREE like the founding fathers intended? Free in the true Libertarian sense of the word? Is there ANYWHERE remotely civilized? Or is it even possible at all? Maybe in the middle of the Amazon? But you have to figure that pretty much anywhere you go... every square inch of the earth is owned by some screwed up government that wants control of you in some way or another.


Remember... it's not really the active oppression of 1984 that leads to the totalitarian oppression of these dark futures... it's the apathy of the people... and things like Patriotism and Religion are the opiates of our modern masses.

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