Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The YouTube Democratic Debate misrepresented American youth.

I ran across an article that I felt was important to share.

I've seen a number of issues lately where CNN has been dropping the ball to say the least, if not outright maliciously trying to marginalize certain groups, candidates etc.

The YouTube Debates Misrepresented American Youth

Snowman questions Democratic candidates on Global WarmingCNN is at it again, ignoring the vast array of insightful and probing questions to pick and more run of the mill questions a few silly fluff pieces that represented a small minority of the submitted videos in order to make today's youth look less intelligent and savvy of some of the more important issues today.

You can view the YouTube Democratic Debates here.

I've gone through some of the videos, and while some are interesting, others seem to be a waste of valuable "debate" time. Only a few answers were given in response to each video, which didn't give a chance for each candidate to even have to weigh in on all the questions answers (for those that were addressed to all the candidates).

This brings me to a related point. The "debates" of modern Presidential elections are anything but actual debates. There was an excellent article on NPR a few years ago that shed some much needed light on the farce that is the modern Presidential debate entitled Connie Rice: Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates A definite "must read" piece.

CNN needs to be publicly called out for it's repeated attempts to misrepresent the issues, the candidates and the youth of today.

I sincerely hope this gets corrected before the Republican version of these "debates" are held, as I can only imagine how low they'll stoop to keep Ron Paul out of the spotlight.

Check out the YouTube Republican Debate site and get involved!

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