Thursday, June 09, 2005

shit shit SHIT!

Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act





Lisa said...

It's actually the comments at the bottom of the article that disturb me.

"Hopefully someone will challenge this in court".

"what can we really do??"

that says a lot.

JStressman said...

yeah. :( chilling to say the least.

I mean... wow. the only reason this got passed at all in the first place was because they put the sunset clause in it. now not only are they laughing that away, but they're EXPANDING it?

wow. I mean.. WOW.

I mean, I know that people have been bitching forever about what a bunch of Nazi's our government is etc... but seriously... the powers that this thing grants? subpoena without a judge, that can be deemed secret, and thereby you can't speak about it or anything, and doing so can automatically land you in jail for a year etc. what the fuck?

hello. welcome to your new police state! please enjoy your stay.