Monday, September 19, 2005


Well, Mike (proc) has decided to read my blog and say that I'm pretty much talking out of my ass, contradicting myself and missing the point. In general that I'm just wrong.

He also said that I ignored most of what ??? said and only focused on a few points pedantically and that I should use my intellect to actual positively affect changes in my own life and make goals and plans etc.

Now, I'm aware that I was somewhat talking in circles on my Katrina posts, which is the reason I asked him to read them over in the first place... but I don't believe I ignored anything Jon said. And I'm not saying that he wasn't partially right on a few points. I believe I said exactly that in my comments.


Shit just aggravates me.

As for his comments about my Katrina posts... I'm pretty sure he's at least somewhat right, and I plan on doing a little more reading that he suggested about me doing a "Ghost Dance" etc. He also asked how I could hate my government and most of the populace, but still love my country. Another valid question... but he essentially headed off my response by saying that I shouldn't love the country that was founded either.. as that came with it's own shortcomings and we should always only learn from the past and not yearn for it as he said I seemed to be doing. I believe a more correct way of putting it would be that I believe that the founding fathers had some VERY basic and fundamental aspects of this countries foundation CORRECT... almost perfectly so... and that our government since then has eroded those basic cornerstones of this country. I long for those to be restored and not further trampled. I don't think he has a valid argument against some of those most basic points.

I'm sure we could get into a Hobbes & Locke type of discussion about the juxtaposition of personal liberty with the good of the group in a society such as ours. I believe this has valid arguments on both parts... I do NOT however feel that there is a valid argument against the separation of church and state, or of trying to tear down sound scientific studies in favor of religious dogma etc. And using my tax dollars in such ways is also simply wrong... I don't pay my tax dollars to teach superstitious beliefs contrary to scientific facts. I don't pay my tax dollars to support illegal wars and a corrupt government that lies to it's own people and even persecutes them through continued ridiculous legislation that strips away our civil liberties and freedoms under the guise of protecting us from some phantom threat blown far FAR out of proportion and caused in part at it's core by the very actions that the government is trying the symptoms as excuses to perpetuate.

Anyway... I'll do some more reading and try to post something more coherent later. I'm really aggravated now.


Tax dollars should be used in a neutral and secular type way for the benefit of the infrastructure that supports our society as a whole. Not to teach or maintain religious superstitions or even support them in any way beyond what any one else would receive. eg; if we all get some funding simply for being americans, and someone happens to be christian... that's fine. However, if someone is getting funding with my tax dollars simply for being a christian, then no. Don't fund it... don't teach it in public schools outside of a philosophy or religious or cultural studies class... don't pretend that it's remotely scientific in any way... it is simply not a valid option.

Build roads, maintain safety nets, provide security, research advancements and improve our school systems etc. Make a happier, healthier, more intelligent population that can in turn better provide for future generations while ensuring our future. Proactive health care, better schooling... hell, there's tons of things it could be used for that I can't think of right now. We pay taxes in order to belong to the GROUP. Those taxes should provide for the GROUP, not for a particular religious belief. And as far as Katrina goes... if they want their state taxes to go for that, then while even that is questionable, it makes a lot more sense than using my federal taxes to rebuild what is essentially a stupid decision and shortcoming on a state level. And the point that really got me steamed here was not so much the government getting involved in the first place, which I also don't agree with, but am much more inclined to overlook... but with the fact that after this ridiculous and avoidable disaster (something rather chronic with our government lately), they want to go back and rebuild the mess and let it happen all over again!



This stupidity is literally destroying the world and bankrupting our country in the process... our children for generations to come will be suffering the effects of this idiocy... terrorism is expanding at a record pace... international relations have been shredded... and all the government can do is tell more lies, spread more misinformation and further avoid simply telling the truth, getting to the heart of the matter and educating it's people and making the sweeping changes that need to be made that would have avoided 9/11 and the subsequent illegal war etc.

There is a difference between doing what is RIGHT and doing what you think people want. Similar to how there is a difference between scientific fact and religious belief. One might feel nice to some people, but one is fact and is the better route regardless. And whether or not someone chooses not to believe or side with something because they don't like it... doesn't make it not right or not true. And in the case of belief, when someone doesn't want to admit to a course of action based on the FACTS because it doesn't agree with what they want... it's generally cause to take a closer look at that person and what exactly their goals and intentions are.

Religion is shit. The US' help in forming Israel was shit. The fact that the US won't admit today that their backing of Israel and it's part in war crimes against the Palestinian people, and that causing a good part of the unrest that contributes to modern "terrorism"... not to mention the US' actions in the middle east and elsewhere... and the US' stance on proclaiming itself an overtly Christian nation "under god" and "in god we trust" etc...

I long for some of the ideals of the founding fathers, but at the same time I -AM- learning from the past and I want to see the government pull it's fucking head out of it's collective ass and create a sound foundation which respects the basic rights of it's people and stops pandering to religion and superstition and starts using common fucking sense and puts the smack down on this litigious whiny fucking supertitious population of stupid selfish babies.

Get the bible out of court rooms, get the 10 commandments out of there... stop swearing the president in on a bible, stop using "under god" and "in god we trust" in violation of the constitution and basic rights of a vast portion of the American populace. Stop fighting ridiculous illegal wars based on lies and avoiding placing the blame for 9/11 where it actually belongs. Start acting like a responsible leading, unifying, neutral and secular force that works for the betterment and protection of our people along with the world as a whole.

What I hate the most is that time and again I just come back to the fact that most people are selfish ignorant sheep and therefor what is popular is what goes... not what it right or true. The smartest people are always doomed to be drowned out by the majority... doomed to just sit there pulling out their hair, saying to themselves "Can't they fucking see what they're doing to themselves!? Can't they see that they're causing their own problems!?.. that they're screwing themselves, taking away their own rights and freedoms, and making life worse for everyone!?".

I really don't think I'd feel bad if a virus swept the planet and killed off every single human being, and maybe even most primates as well, just to be sure the planet had awhile to heal itself, if it's not already too late.

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