Sunday, September 18, 2005

a little political thought I had.

Well, relatively speaking, considering the general bent of my whining lately.

Anyway... I was thinking about Hurricane Katrina and the whole Louisiana thing... and how they're determined to rebuild it.


Even IF you could rebuild the whole damn thing, which is going to cost over $200,000,000,000.00 to do... IT'S JUST GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. You're building a fucking city BELOW SEA LEVEL... and not only that, but it's STILL SINKING EVEN LOWER. So even if you could find a way to re-elevate the land level, it would just sink down again anyway... and the rate is being accelerated by the depletion of ground water and fossil fuels on top of the natural rate.

Now the kicker is that they want to use MY (and your) tax money to do this.

Um.... no? I'm sorry... it's a shame that the city got wiped out. If you want to rebuild it... THEN YOU FUCKING DO IT YOU STUPID POOR FUCKS. Don't expect me to foot the fucking bill for a bunch of stupid poor fucks 1,000+ miles away who chose to live in a spot where their destruction was simply a matter of time.

I have a huge problem with people expecting a federal bailout of any sort when they KNOWINGLY choose to live in high risk areas such as flood plains below sea level, or in the flow path of an active volcano etc...

Sorry, you choose to live there because of the view or because it's cheap (FOR A FUCKING REASON), then you willingly take the fucking risk of getting FUCKED and it's NOT MY PROBLEM. I don't want a fucking cent of my money going to help your dumb asses out.

As far as I'm concerned, if they couldn't build the fucking levees themselves, then that's their problem. Boo-hoo. Here's a fucking tissue. Have fun cleaning up the bodies suckers. You'd think you'd learn a lesson from this... but as we can see, even while the bodies are still bloating in the deadly floodwaters, the stupid fuckers are planning on building again.

It's times like this that I see, yet again, just how fucking stupid people are... just how fucking broken our government really is... and just how fucking much people are incapable of holding themselves accountable for their own fucking choices and actions.

In an odd way it reminds me of Atheism (or even Satanism to an extent) vs. Christianity.

Atheism = I fucked up. It was my choice. I'm accountable for my actions. I'll fix it.

Christianity = Someone else made me fuck up, and someone else will fix it for me.

Leave it to me to throw in a jab at stupid religious people in the process of bitching about Federal taxation to support the rebuilding of New Orleans etc.


JStressman said...

Wouldn't be the first time I've been called similar.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, yes i agree with justin here. but come on j, they ARE going to use your tax dollars to fix it. there's not much we can do about that except not work, or do it under the table. . . ehhhh

and i know there's more there than ramen noodles, come on. i left you meat, mayo, jelly, butter, all kinds of shit. :D eat it up yo. (oh, and that chai has to be used up really soon before it goes nasty).

these are the kind of blogs i enjoy reading. you bitching about something other than me :D keep it up!

JStressman said...

The point isn't whether or not they're going to use my tax dollars to do it... the point is that they're stupid and wrong to be doing it, and using my tax dollars to do it is just wrong on top of that. Adding insult to injury in a way.

As for the food, there's no bread, so most of that doesn't do me any good at the moment. But thanks anyway.

This post was something like my previous posts about the US Gov using $15,000,000.00 PER DAY of our tax money to support Israel, a move which is one of the very foundations of modern terrorism. I have NO interest in supporting an outright religious country with my tax dollars, a country which was carved out of the middle of muslim territory... rekindling an ages old hatred of the Christians based on the animosity resultant from the Crusades, and that, along with what we did to the muslims in Afghanistan during the cold war, and those in Lebanon etc.. our meddling in the middle east, and the deaths and manipulation of thousands of muslims there... that, coupled with our almost sole backing of Israel, who continues it's pogrom against the Palestinian people... not to mention our governments despicable moves to convert itself into an overtly Christian nation, in direct violation of the Constitution... much less common sense and respect for the people of this country... I mean, the list goes on... and when it comes down to it... our government has been one of the very key movers in CAUSING the problem of global terrorism which has exploded in recent years. They don't hate us for our freedom... they hate us for being a Christian nation which stands with the Judeo-Christian god, backing Israel and other actions against Islam and the muslim nations of the middle east. Using them for their oil... using them to fight our wars for us and then abandoning them... killing thousands of innocent people in covert operations and such... they hate us for being a country of greedy fat lazy imperialists who think we have the right to run the world and use everyone else like toilet paper, telling them how to live their lives and how to run their countries... they don't hate us for our freedom... because frankly we don't have very much. And anyone who thinks we're "FREE", is fucking blind and stupid. We are not the most free nation on earth... we're not even very close any more. We're a nation of extremely litigious, self-centered fat babies who think that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter, and if we don't get everything we want (and think we somehow deserve), we cry about it and threaten to sue anyone we can... we think we have a RIGHT to all the oil in the middle east... that we have a RIGHT to drive SUV's and Hummers and pollute the environment to the point where Global Warming is now causing the very hurricans that lead us right back to Hurrican Katrina and the ones that tore through Florida. And as we continue to blindly consume and wage wars based on complete bullshit lies to perpetuate our way of life and it's subsequent destruction of our environment, downfall of the US through bankruptcy of not only the economic kind, but of academia, intellectualism, freedom etc as well. As spy cameras are put up on every street corner, and in every business and essentially every facet of your lives... while your phones are tapped, internet connections monitored, your media censored and filtered... everything about your lives spoon fed and controlled, every action monitored, cataloged and databased.

And in the meantime we have shit like this... Katrina... where a city that was built below sea level and continually sinking, is even considered for being rebuilt, at a cost which could cripple our nations economy, on top of the already staggering costs for a war based on a complete lie which is costing us hundreds of billions already and the lives of not only almost 10,000 allied troops, but of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives, to fight a country which had NOTHING to do with 9/11... NO Weapons of Mass Destruction and which was absolutely NO THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES. So on top of that COMPLETELY WRONG WAR... we have our government doing shit like both seeding the roots of dissent globally, stoking the fires of terrorism through continued imperialistic actions coupled with judeo-christian religous overtones, while doing things domestically like trying to stifle sound scientific advancements like the theory of evolution through natural selection, in favor of pseudo-science and simply downright dogmatic religious superstitions etc such as Creation "Science", Intelligent Design etc... and forcing these things which are NOT AT ALL scientific, to be taught along with actual sound Science in classrooms... so we're outputting a generation of children who are being taught that superstitious dogma that in reality is in direct conflict with actual scientific fact, is somehow valid "science"... we're taught that we should continue to get whatever we want and be a nation of god loving consumers who should go on our merry way guzzling gas and destroying the environment and causing the very wars, terrorism and global environmental meltdown which are tearing our entire planet apart as both matters of nature and nations alike.

My tax dollars going to Katrina is just a drop in the bucket of just how far gone things really are. There's a reason I just can't type anymore of this shit sometimes... and it's because it's so disheartening to see just how screwed we really are. Sometimes I just need to close it out for awhile and think about personal things and focus on my own life for awhile. Work on fixing something I actually have control of and not lose faith in life itself because the world around me is going to hell in a handbasket and there's not a damn thing I can do about it because the majority of people are blind sheep whose self-interest and lack of understanding of the world around them will always steer the herd in the direction of destruction.


*shakes head sadly*