Saturday, July 28, 2007

Banners for "Another Friend of Ron Paul"

Another Friend of Ron Paul banners

After seeing the "Another Friend of Ron Paul" banners on a number of different blogs and websites, I decided to add one to my website. However, having a black background, the existing one wouldn't work for me. I created one for a black background for my own site and felt that I might as well share it, and decided that I might as well make a version for white backgrounds as well. These should work on a variety of light and dark backgrounds, as they are alpha-blended transparent PNG images. So the background color will show through (on IE7, FireFox, Opera etc. Pretty much anything but IE6, and they can be made to work with IE6 as well with a bit of additional code trickery. Google is your friend.)

Hopefully others may find these useful.

Dark backgrounds - 997x849px PNG format

Light backgrounds - 997x849px PNG format

I'm offering the "proof" image sizes so that people can adjust them as need be.


TomAlciere said...

I have "stolen" these banners and posted them on my site at and invite all to create website banners for the site also. Banners showing the names of other websites than cannot be used.

JStressman said...

I sent you an e-mail Tom about this.

(Basically requesting that you link here to the proofs and the information on transparent PNGs in IE6 etc)

I specifically posted the proof PNG images so that people could size them as need be and use them transparently on different color backgrounds etc.


Anonymous said...

guys, have you guys checked out yet? they're running a live feed from NH for the primaries and they LOVE ron paul. they had the video of the raddison thing before anyone else did -- every ron paul supporter should tune in. spread the revolution!!!!!