Saturday, July 07, 2007

A sad anti-Ron Paul blogger.

*I received an angry response to my previous post on Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul which stated simply "Ron Paul is an idiot!" which piqued my curiosity. So I went to the blog of the author and had a look. The following is what I found there, and my response to it.

His post entitled "Piss On Ron Paul".

And my comment on that post;
I find it odd that you reference Red China, when Ron Paul's Constitutionalist ideals and Libertarian stance are the antithesis of Communist ideology.

Or the fact that you tout your Freedoms as an American while simultaneously deriding arguably the only pro-Constitution candidate that is openly and actively seeking to protect the very rights you tout while attacking him.

I think the ignorance and irrationality of your stance is self-evident. You certainly have a right to choose the candidate of your choice, but when you use arguments like those above, you inherently open yourself to (well deserved at this point) ridicule for the fallacious nature of those very arguments and draw skepticism on your ability to even rationally evaluate a suitable candidate. With that said, I'm honestly sorry that you feel that way.


Anonymous said...

Good job.

Anonymous said...

That is odd. Anyone comparing libertarians to communists obviously has no concept of basic political theory. What else can you expect? No one in America understands classical liberalism (libertarianism) anymore, nor do they care. It's a sad day when the ideals of our founding fathers are eclipsed by the two-party system...

Anyway, my final word on the subject is;

Ron Paul Revolution!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I understand American History and Political Theory a lot better than you think. The difference is I rely upon primary historical documents and the entire body of Constitutional Law, not just what some would-be tyrant like Ron Paul wishes for me to think.

JStressman said...

BCR: That would be fine if that aspect of this issue weren't entirely absent from your completely fallacious rant.

I'd be quite interested to hear actual fact based opinions from you as to what you perceive as problems with his views.

Out of respect for your copyright, I didn't copy and post here what you actually said on your blog, but instead left it as an exercise for the reader to see for themselves the statements you made.

Should you choose to actually make an intellectual and fact based argument rather than simply calling Ron Paul a communist, I would be more inclined to take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

I would do that, but since I don't take Ron Paul or his supporters seriously I see no reason he or they should take me seriously.

My comments are purely emotional rants reflecting my disgust of the man and his self promotion based on foundational principles and documents which I do take very seriously.

JStressman said...

Okee doke. :)