Monday, May 30, 2005

cute debate on slashdot.

comments on "why smart people defend bad ideas"

you just KNOW that's going to involve a religious debate... and sure enough, it does.

interesting reading (at least for me).

(causality, thomas aquinas, occams razor, blah blah on and on...)


Anonymous said...

I'm posting this down here because I'm hoping you get some sort of notification that I commented. I tried to locate your email or instant messenging screenname with no luck. I would appreciate it if you would take down any comments I've ever made on your blog, if that is indeed possible. I never want to come here again, you have sapped me of all happiness...I would feel better if symbolically I was erased from this blog. If you find it necessary, you can announce to everyone that I have agreed to the following concession: "You are a smarter man than I by leaps and bounds. I was nothing more than an irritation and an annoyance on this blog, and don't even have the capability of adding anything remotely insightful. I have been summarily defeated by you, and to you it was nothing more than swatting a fly. I wish everyone associated with this blog the best in the future, and apologize for all my words."

JStressman said...

I think we'll just let you bow out quietly. I see no reason to kick you while you're down or make more of a display of it.

hope you feel better in the future.