Thursday, May 12, 2005

make your own decision.


G Sanchez said...

I honestly don't know much about Hager, though the article was certainly an eye opener. As with anything I read in decidedly partisan publications, I take what The Nation has to say with a grain of salt. If the allegations of his ex-wife are true, it would appear he has quite a bit to answer for, both to the public and God.

As an Orthodox Christian, I honestly don't have any problem with his policies per say. However, I am disturbed by his declaration of being God's tool and carrying out the Lord's work under His Guidance. While I don't doubt that God does indeed do such things when He chooses, I have a hard time believing it comes out of the American evangelical movement. Obviously, that's my bias as an Orthodox speaking; I tend to remain highly skeptical over those outside the Church proclaiming a special status with the Divine, especially if it is for personal gain.

There's $0.02! Whoo!

JStressman said...

heh thanks Gabe. :)

the first place I heard about this fellow was actually from friends forwarding me emails about trying to prevent him from getting into office etc... unfortunately, by the time they were sending me these, he'd already been in office for around 2 years I think. I've run across him once or twice since then... but that's probably because I'm obviously not a fan of him or his crowd. so when people like that do things like that, people like me tend to bitch about it. ;)