Thursday, June 30, 2005

ran across a good post about abortion

also about Howard Dean, who I also really like.

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JStressman said...

and how about fertility clinics? the "lives" of all those hundreds of embryos for each couple trying to conceive...

or how about how ridiculous it is to compare something that is literally a part of your own body, to a completely seperate adult that you don't like.

you have an obvious lack of understanding of what you're talking about, which I would have guessed at from your moniker... but really... try understanding what you're talking about before you go babbling like that.

I don't agree with late term abortions... you really are killing a sentient, formed baby at that point. but aside from that... your judgement is blinded by religious idiocy and a deep lack of understanding of the complexities of what "life" in the human body really is and means etc.

you should read one of my posts on the subject. maybe you'll get a clue.