Wednesday, September 21, 2005

yeah yeah...

I know I'm lagging on updates... I've been busy.

I read the rest of The Ghost Dances, and have some additional comments on that... as well as some thoughts on some other things that Mike (proc) has been talking about and saying about me.

Also, I had a bit of a debate about which was the smarter sex...

I'll get to that stuff later. Errands to run!!


Jen said...

What I scored like 3 points lower than you on the IQ test? I'm a genius.

Women are just as smart, and have boobs. I think we have a winner. :D

I'm not going to get into the men/women intellect thing right now. It's almost time to go home. But you will hear from me later.

Anonymous said...

where is proc talkin? on your channel?

by the way, sorry jen. you know what for.

JStressman said...

jen: hahaha... I'll post some of the information. ;-) sorry girls, we're just smarter. ;-)

darci: in #phreadom, yeah.

Fran├žoise said...

men are SO not smarter. it's just like men who say that men are better cooks because most of the top chefs in the world are men.
yeah right.

JStressman said...

seriously. you're wrong on this. sorry. :-(

I'm going to post a few links in the next post for you guys.

Jen said...

Darci, don't sweat it. I appreciate the concern. :)

JStressman said...

jen: you go telling darci that shit was ok to pull and you and I are going to have serious words again. actually just saying that on my blog just now is enough to make me want to stop talking to you again.

Anonymous said...

*deep breath* ok, so let me tell you a few things.

first off, back in the day, like 2 years ago, when justin and i had sex, no, i didn't tell him i had it. he is correct in the statement that i lied. TO HIM. after it happend, i told him, and he basically said "don't worry about it, i think i already had it". besides the fact that GUYS DON"T SHOW SYMPTOMS A LOT OF THE TIME. that's how it spreads. DUH!!!!! quit being stupid justin. And i did tell jen because i was concerned. you told me that you weren't going to tell jen about us because it's not like we hadn't had sex before, and it would just hurt her feelings. thankfully you finally had a concience for one night, and decided to tell her. but who knows if you told her everything, only you know... i want to show the world that hpv sucks and that if you have it, you should be punished if you don't tell your partner. kind of how it is with HIV/AIDS. besides the fact that you felt it was your obligation/duty to tell jonathon, not to mention whoever reads this shit. so fuck you.

secondly, the fact that i told people about you having hpv is no different from you posting that bullshit about me. you'll sit there in your comphy room and talk shit about me, when how i live my life has no fucking relevance to living with you, with the exception that i didn't pay rent, because i couldn't afford it... what is it to you that i have friends over? you had/still have i'm sure kelchy and steph over, drunk as hell, up all night long being loud. who knows what really happend behind THAT closed door... who's to say you don't lie? with the exception of you, i haven't fucked anyone but jeremiah. and yes, i told him. and i never lied to you since i lived with you. i learned not to a long fucking time ago. remember?!?!?!

yeah it was stupid of me to think that we could get along... you made me want to kill myself 2 years ago... and you still do sometimes, but i know that i'm better than that, so i can't/won't give you the satisfaction. too bad... i'm still here.

and what is this mess I"VE CAUSED? you decided to get nasty on your little blog and expected me to sit back and take it up the ass even tho most of it wasn't true. AND if anyone even cared to read about me, or even get the facts... like you said, noone that reads your blog knows me, SO WHY DO THEY CARE??!?!?!!! Exactly... so shut the fuck up already. besides the fact that you felt like you had to "cencor" yourself... then why did you tell me your blog addy? obviously because you're too childish to deal with issues in person. *think about it*

"Yay for public betrayal by a stupid girl too fucking short sighted and dense obviously to comprehend what's going on." <-- public betrayal? hmmm, what do you call what you did? amusement? shows what kind of a character you are. you even told me a couple times "If i met myself, i wouldn't want to be my friend..." HOW DO YOU EXPECT OTHERS TO LIKE YOU THEN? selfish asshole. jen deserves better than you, and i don't even know the girl. but the shit you say about her to me behind everyone's back gives me that impression. i feel bad for her... but i know she's a fucking smart/intelligent person, so you go girl!

and for the record... what happend at my last apartment... here's the story. of course justin, you don't have to believe me, because you never got over that little thing that happend 2 years ago (grow up already)... i lived with beth, randy, and jeremiah. the whole reason i moved in with them was because i left my drug-dealing controlling possesive exboyfriend tony. i needed a safe place for my daughter and i. since they smoked weed too, i decided to have my daughter go to my parents house. i also didn't have any money, or a job, because i wasn't allowed to work when i was with tony. so baby went to mom's, and i went with them. the second day i lived there, beth felt the need to tell me that she had cheated on randy... after i bitched up a storm about how cheating is fucking stupid before. things progressed between jeremiah and i, because he treats me right. then beth gets all worried that i'm going to let the cat out, and kicks me out for no reason. she even went as far as getting a court order that claimed she was my landlord... so after she had already kicked me out and packed all my shit for me, yeah i told on her. he of course didn't believe me, but whatever, i was already out anyhow. and this is how i ended up with justin. AND BELIEVE ME, i tried all options before calling him. i looked into shelters, everything. no other options were available for me.

so anyhow... justin, seriously. get over yourself. I KNOW YOU ARE INTELLIGENT. and all those *impressive* jobs you've held before... GET ANOTHER ONE, AND LIVE UP TO YOUR FUCKING POTENTIAL. IT'S GOING TO WASTE WITH YOU SITTING ON YOUR ASS, BITCHING ABOUT SOME STUPID 23 YEAR OLD. GOT IT?!?!?!?!?