Saturday, April 23, 2005

and a note to the lurkers.

I realize that there are some here who read this blog who disagree with what I have to say, but are "afraid" to speak up because they either lack the patience to deal with my condescending responses, or lack the knowledge to back up their beliefs.

to them I'll extend this courtesy... if you'd like to have me patiently address your point and not resort to calling you a sheep or an idiot, simply preface your comment accordingly.

if someone truly disagrees with what I'm saying, and feels they have valid points to make to the contrary, I'd rather hear them stated than just run people off. I'm not accomplishing much if people are unwilling to post for fear of reprisal or whatnot.

but a fair warning... you'd best think twice about what you say. this means that I have done a vast amount of studying, and unless you feel confident that you know better than I do, don't go claiming stupid things as fact. if you're hesitant to say something, go check wikipedia and do some reading on the subject, because it's a fair bet that I've at the very least done that and won't hesitate to correct you.

I'm all fine with, and actually welcome, informed intellectual discussion... but I simply will not tolerate the "Jesus is Lord and you will pay for your blasphemy!" type of utterly idiotic statements here and you WILL be mocked accordingly.

Jesus was a great guy in his own way, so I'll refrain from bashing him too much... it's the idiots that elevated him to a god against his wishes that are the morons here. but on that note, your imaginary god can suck my balls and shaft and throw a finger in the mix for good measure. and I'm just WAITING to see him do anything about me saying that. and if you so fervently believe in him, you can do the same. :)

I don't see any she-bears coming to tear me to pieces for teasing you ala 2 Kings 2:23-25. ;) you people really are sheep, and that's being nice. (yes, go look it up in your bibles kiddies. I have a lot more where that came from.)

but seriously. I'd love a good intellectual debate... but seriously, use your head. don't make stupid unfounded statements to me. there is plenty of room for rational discussion here... but I lose my patience very quickly when you stray into "idiot" territory.

but I give my word. if someone wants a discussion, but has been wary of it for fact of my mocking... simply make that point, and I give my word that I will not stoop that low. the only reason I give that promise is because I know that I am capable of it, I just generally don't care to spend the time. but if someone is honestly interesting in learning different views to compare with their own, and is interested in rational discussion. I will do so. I simply want to know off the bat their intentions... I dislike wasting my time on frivolous comments, because it makes me doubly upset at the end when I feel like I've poured my efforts into the dirt.

(and for those of you with the severe misconception that I think I know everything, I run a chat channel on IRC where I've been hanging out for several years with people who are a good deal smarter than I am, and with a variety of beliefs. mormon, jew, etc. because the channel is #phreadom, I do make an effort to allow dissenting views, and I love to learn from those people. but I also don't tolerate what I perceive as idiocy there either. I won't kick someone out, but I will mock them. that's the beauty of freedom after all (and they mock me for my shortcomings or perceived misconceptions). you're free to state your beliefs, but I'm also free to mock you for them. but I digress... point being, I know many people who I consider far smarter than I am. I have a great deal of respect for many people like that... as well as even for simple people who I've known in my life... for having good hearts, if not the minds to understand the concepts here. but I've never had them cross me on my beliefs either. anyway... I don't think I'm better than everyone, nor do I think I'm smarter than everyone. as I once stated a few weeks ago, I generally have never met a person I couldn't learn something from. food for thought.

just because I can be arrogant and condescending at times doesn't change the veracity of my statements. the facts within them stand on their own, whether or not I candy coat them, or sling them like greek fire.)


Maverick said...

It's admirable to write a post like that encouraging debate. That's the great thing about freedom of speech. Just like an asshole, we all have opinions. None more important or right than the other. It only makes a difference in our own personal realm, and the cool thing is that it really doesn't matter one bit in our worlds. I'm worn out from fighting. Right now the climate of the U.S. (United Stupids) is one of religious intolerance and I can tell you this. George W., and all these other Christians, have no room talking about Al Queda as "religious fanatics."

Spitting in a Wishing Well

JStressman said...

I agree on the latter part there. however, I'm not one to give such credence to "opinions". opinions are one thing... provable facts are another. and often I'm called an asshole for pressing people to prove their stance... and they often get quite upset when forced to realize that they can't.

in the end, it might be a matter of opinion, but if you're not remotely in touch with the facts of a given situation, how is your opinion supposed to carry any weight? I'm sorry, but if someone confronts me with an ignorant point of view and states or infers that I'm wrong because I disagree, I'm going to make it a point to enlighten them. if at the end, they can make an informed decision to still disagree based on the facts... then we agree to disagree. this has happened to me before on matters of Bush's economic policies. I had a friend who favored Bush because he came from a rich family who directly benefited from Bushes policies. I disagreed based on a different set of personal morals and beliefs. that was that.

(and cute "United Stupids"... I hadn't heard that one. :) hehe)