Saturday, April 23, 2005


before my next massive post... I figure I'd throw this in... after the story the other day about a water stain under a bridge... I figure that this is only appropriate to dig out of the archives.

'Virgin Mary' toast fetches $28,000

suckers. *chuckle*

and it seems that Phoenix sic'ed a friend of hers on me thinking they were going to show me up. I find it doubly amusing that first of, she thought I wouldn't see her blog post on it? and secondly that she thought this person was going to show me up somehow? I'll give carlo credit... 75% of his comment was well worded, well approached, and somewhat well thought out. it just managed to horribly fail right at the end. :-/ I'm kind of hoping that this person will continue to post, in spite of my condescending nature, as they seem to be better trained in the art of "professional" debate. I could learn a few things on that point I'm sure. :)

anyhoo... on with the posts!

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