Tuesday, April 19, 2005

<proctologiste> Ratzinger's nickname is Panzerkardinal

ahh.... how lovely to have an ex-nazi as the next pope!! sure many people were hoping for a black or latin american pope to show an acceptance of other races and whatnot... but how does the catholic church respond?

fuck you guys! nazipope!

ex hitler youth. ahh.. the good times.


anyway... I can't wait for the downfall of the catholic church and the end of one of the longest lived and most oppressive political powers in history. responsible for setting humanity as a whole back by literally CENTURIES. if not for them, we would have been where we are today, hundreds of years ago... and the life that we now live could be so vastly advanced as to be incomprehensible to us today. consider the advances we've made in the past 100 years ago... and now imagine if we had been landing on the moon in the 18th century.

I HATE religion.
fucking IDIOTS.

not to mention reading one of the most pathetic pieces of propaganda in a long time this morning...

and my responses to it whilst chatting with Jen:
(13:08:49) phreadom: and reading that is just pissing me off even more.
(13:09:05) phreadom: that is the most sickeningly propaganda laden article I've seen in awhile.
(13:09:45) phreadom: good overcame evil! have faith in god! oh the poor baby's head and body were found a week apart! the horror! won't someone think of the children! stand behind your religious government while we combat TERRORISM!
(13:09:49) phreadom: when it should read:
(13:13:48) phreadom: this federal government building, housing among other things, the secret service, was bombed in retaliation for the government slaughter and subsequent libel and coverup of the ruby ridge incident and later the montana freemen incident and also the waco incident. both the ruby ridge incident and waco incident have proof of the governments negligence, corruption and dishonesty, but the public record shows none of this, save a eventual quiet monetary settlement with the ruby ridge survivors. the murrah building bombing was in retaliation against a corrupt government that murders and then covers up the murders of citizens who try to exercise their constitutional rights. it was blow struck by the only means possible against a government that maintains a massive standing army that is used against it's own people as expressly forbidden by the founding fathers.
(13:14:15) phreadom: it's fucking propaganda what they wrote. pure and simple. it sickens me.
(13:14:30) Jen Rademacher: I don't know what to say to that :)
(13:14:53) phreadom: there was a fucking reason why that building was bombed. and it's not like any more innocent people were killed in that 1 incident than all the people who were killed at waco and ruby ridge...
(13:15:10) Jen Rademacher: Oh I know exactly what you're saying
(13:15:10) phreadom: I'm not sure if anyone was killed in the freemen stand off... but it's possible. I'll have to go read up on it.

oh, and for the record? the USA deserved 9/11.

fuck you ignorant idiots out there that think otherwise... religion is just one of my hobbies and I'll gladly get into it on politics as well. how cliche.

Bush is an ex-alcoholic, ex-coke addict, ex-cheerleader who was a draft dodging coward with a low IQ who pushed his way into office on daddy's coat tails and money (along with saudi oil money) and with the backing of the unfortunately large amount of stupid fucking christian idiots in the country who can't think for themselves, so simply back the biggest idiot that's like themselves. (and not to forget, the top 10% of the extremely rich who also benefit from him being in office... as well as big-corporate america.)

god I really fucking hate the world.

yet again, misanthropy is the word of the day. *sigh*


PC said...

Your axe is getting mighty sharp, you sure you need to keep grinding it?

But, you can add in Prince Harry and Schwarzenegger's father, Bush's grandfather for a complete Nazi conspiracy to once again rule the world.

JStressman said...

to be fair and to clarify here... I don't generally consider all germans who fought in the war to be "nazis". it would be like condemning the people here in the US if we got invaded for Bush's stupid policies, and the people here fought back to defend their country.

from what very little I know so far, he was doing his duty to his country and went AWOL towards the end of the war to return to his hometown. I'll have to study up on it more.

so far, my issues with it are generally threefold. first, the nazi issue will plague him throughout his term as pope... second, most people that see him say that he looks creepy. that just doesn't go over well with a lot of people (even my mother agreed). third, (and again, from what little I know) he is supposedly very conservative and very extreme right wing.

what I do know is seeing a lot of catholics today saying that they did NOT feel this was a step forward for the catholic church... but if anything, a step sideways.

it's no skin off my back, as I hope the church fails completely... but it's always good to keep things clear in the process... and it will be unfortunate if the currect pope can use his newfound powers to influence matters concerning the church to take a backslide from the mildly progressive accomplishments of John Paul II.

sleepy now. bed time.

JStressman said...

PC: didn't Ford work with the nazi's too?

when you're splitting hairs, you need a very sharp axe my friend. ;)