Monday, May 30, 2005

folding update.

Team members
(within team) User Score WU
1 phreadom 3884 19
2 optical-i 1156 9
3 skw4sh 825 5

yay! :D I'm in the lead still! :D

if you'd like to find out more, or join the team, please check out the standford Folding@Home website.

if you do decide to try it, if you'd like to join our team, the number is 44247.

also, something to keep in mind, running this will run your CPU at 100% as long as you're running it, UNLESS YOU CHANGE THE DEFAULT SETTING. you can set it to only use like 10% or something if you want. the reason I mention this, is because you probably rarely ever use 100% of your CPU's processing power... and doing so makes the CPU run hot. if you don't have the proper heatsink, fan and ventilation... you can cause the CPU to overheat etc.

I run mine at 100% on all 3 boxes, but I had 1 of them overheat and the other get close. I adjusted the ventilation after that. ;) *added fans* been peachy since then. running nice and cool. 2.2ghz, 1.33ghz and 300mhz all AMD chips.

anyone with more questions can feel free to message me etc. :)

(for the record, skw4sh wussied out. Optical-i started up again. poor yath is still waiting on his first Work Unit to finish. :'( poor guy is going to take like 6 weeks to finish 1 Work Unit on his pentium 200mhz)


JStressman said...

yeah. I ran mine in screen. on all 3 machines. then I just tail the log file if I want to monitor the progress. :)

screen Folding-executable
(CTRL-A D to detach the screen)
tail -f -n 500 FAH.log

and shit. I guess I was wrong about it on linux. :F I think I had seen that option in the screensaver version for windows or something.

have a look there for plenty of info on how to do it.

JStressman said...

and by the above, I meant the CPU limiting. I'm running it on Linux on all 3 boxes.

Anonymous said...


Shit. I didn't even know my damn WinXP box had started folding again. I tried the GUI on that box at first. It crashed when ever I tried to view the perty picture so I used the console app instead.

I guess the GUI thought it was okay to run at startup and I completely forgot I agreed with that. My box has been running at 100% and 63F for the past week unbeknowest to me. Doh!

I've toned it down to 60% but it will continue to chug through.

Anonymous said...

Tell your boy PC that I like his new attitude.

JStressman said...

arete: I'm sure he'll see the comment here for himself. ;)

Optical-I: hahaha oops! :F glad it didn't melt. :-P I'm bummed that the linux versions of the client don't have that throttling ability. :( I just run mine with the cases open, with fans on them. :D they both run around 45C now. :D

I'm just setting up guppy (OpenBSD router) and uber (the main web/mail/ftp server) here at my parents house on their ADSL line until I can get my connection back up at my new place. should be all set in a few minutes. just double checking things now.