Monday, May 23, 2005

more on eye color

essentially, by saying that people with blue eyes have underdeveloped (and therefor somehow defective) eyes, is about as intelligent as saying that white people are underdeveloped and therefor defective because we don't have as much melanin in our skin as black people.

if we further dally down this road of thought, we can come to the INFORMED conclusions that blue eyes and light skin are both the result of evolutionary adaptation to climates with less direct sunlight, and therefor less need for high levels of melanin in the skin. this allows for more absorption of Vitamin D from sunlight, whereas people with high levels of melanin can suffer from Vitamin D deficiency more easily.

both are simply the result of human evolution and are examples of humans adapting to their environments.

wow. getting the facts is really hard. *cough*

(there is a bit more to it, but that's the basics. spend a little time on wikipedia, it will do you good.)


JStressman said...

I have an olive complexion (I get very tan when I do go outside), but light blue eyes.

the thing is, I almost never go out in the sun. so luckily, I'm both generally more tan than most people even when I'm very pale for me... and avoid a lot of the possible sun damage my melanin deprived eyes might get. :)

I think you'd have to be rather naturally dark skinned before you'd need to worry about Vitamin D deficiency. and if you're that worried, just eat your Wheaties with Vit D milk. ;)

JStressman said...


well, I live on a golf course, in the city essentially. on the second floor. so I really don't have a yard to go hang out in. I don't play golf. and I don't feel like playing in traffic.

all more reasons why I'm moving back to the other side of the state where I can rememedy those things.