Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Phantom of the Opera

just watched the new movie. I really enjoyed it, partially I think because of how closely it sticks to the broadway musical. I have the 2cd broadway cast cd set, and am very familiar with it... so while it was really fun to watch the movie (and because Christine is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and has a voice to match), I was so used to the specific voices, words and notes, that the slight variations in the movie threw me a little bit.

but overall... go watch the trailer on the website, and if you're a fan of the musical, you really should watch the movie. :D


JStressman said...

no problem. :-/ sorry to sprinkle a little salt in your wound. :(

the other thing she did a lot in the movie was breathe very heavily like she was about to swoon or something. ;P

honestly the thing I liked the least was the Phantom. he didn't have nearly the range and expression of the broadway performer... and I couldn't get over the fact that he was Creedy in "Reign of Fire"... and normally has a very strong Scots accent. :-/ Raul I think still did well. Coletta was even more flamboyantly dramatic than the musical....

anyway... I think I'm going to crawl off to bed. it's 3am and I really need to be up at a reasonable hour tomorrow to cash checks and attempt some shopping.

sweet dreams. :)

JStressman said...

by the way, I had no idea how old she was... I'm a little surprised. and for the record, she's 18. born September 12th, 1986. ;) (thanks IMDB!)

PC said...

I saw it live in LA in, uh, 1992? 1993? I heard so much about how encredible the music score was, how brilliant the composer was, and how great the show was, then I went to see it.

I was incredibly disappointed. I guess I was just coming down from a long stint of “Yngwie Malmsteen Rules” and “King Diamond Rocks.” My honest thoughts were, both of those two would make Andrew Lloyd Webber look like a retarded preschool child as far as musical composition. And, the stage production was pure high school drama class.

JStressman said...


I'm only a partial Yngwie fan... and always feel odd hearing him now, knowing that he got kicked off of his label for being a raging alcoholic and abusing his wife etc.

as for King Diamond... I -love- Abigail and Fatal Portrait, but aside from a few selected tracks on things like Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break the Oath" and "No Presents for Christmas" etc... I never really got into his other stuff. (I have a good number of his albums)

anyway... I've never gotten a chance to see Phantom live... I went to see Les Miserables back in like 1997 or 1998... I think I like that better than Phantom... not sure though, having not seen both on stage.

the odd thing is, I prefer the beginning of Phantom and the end of Les Miserables. just the parts where all my favorite music is. ;)

I've tried checking out other popular musicals like Cats, Miss Saigon, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat etc... and while I do love "Any Dream Will Do" from the latter... and Miss Saigon is generally interesting overall... I've never gotten into any other ones.

JStressman said...

Lisa, by the way... my friend Shelley was in a production of Guys and Dolls about a year ago I think... unfortunately I couldn't make it to the production, but she sent me the newspaper clippings of the review. it was nice to see her get such good reviews. and also because it allowed me to be snotty to my ex Meg, who holds Shelley as somewhat of an archnemesis... she always said that Shelley would just do whatever Meg did, like a follower, and had no real talent...

well... Shelley did an excellent job in Guys and Dolls, and then Meg, I think in a fit of having to show her up, signed on for another production at the college... after a bit of inter-set drama, the show got bad reviews etc... (Meg became a little romantically involved with the director or whatever you call him.. who was still married... *cough*)

anyway... I told her to take note of that. Shelley has her own issues, but she's a very sweet girl and a friend of mine, and I got sick of Meg always shit talking her. if you think I can be an elitist asshole at times, you should meet Meg... she makes me look like an amateur.