Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"some notes for lisa" or "A RANT FOR THE MASSES".

stopped by her blog... saw a few things I felt the need to comment on.

as for the whole thing about not saying anything about anyone elses beliefs because they're all ok and don't do me any harm and are none of my business.

*sigh* lisa.. lisa... I could have sworn I'd covered that on here enough times for you to see that your view is WAY overly simplistic and simply wrong. :-/

if someone wants to believe something in their own home... or simply say something about it... fine. when suddenly they make their own beliefs into law and I'm suddenly a criminal for not agreeing with them, or by not abiding by their ideas of morality etc... even though I'm not harming anyone... then their ignorant beliefs or whatever beliefs they are, have suddenly done harm. they have infringed upon my life.. put my freedoms in danger etc. it's very naive to think that all ideas are perfectly fine in ANY CONTEXT.

it's like saying that if I believe in eugenics, that's perfectly fine. and then when I get that passed into law and suddenly it's illegal for you to have children... then wouldn't that start to become an issue?

there's a reason I make such a big deal about stupid beliefs... because when allowed to run rampant without correction or debate, shit like that happens. foolish beliefs become the beliefs of the masses and end up as law... and then the few who know better, or choose to believe differently, are suddenly criminals in a system where they've committed no crime.

hopefully you can distill the point I'm trying to make from that.

oh.. and as for the Qu'ran being flushed... what makes you think it DIDN'T? there have been repeated reports of this happening for a long time now... this was simply the first time someone in the government backed it up. and it was only after a LOT of pressure directly from Bush and the media etc that Newsweek finally backed down and retracted it. it would (again) be naive to take it quite so lightly without questioning not only exactly what happened within the government, and with the pressure applied by them, to make that story crumble. also, let's not forget the whole issue about exactly what about flushing a few pieces of paper down a toilet justifies the deaths of over a dozen people and massive riots and hundreds of wounded people?

ignorance based on religion.

if they weren't so wrapped up in such STUPID ideas... NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!!

how many times do I have to point to the obvious!?

you get so caught up in the symptoms... and trying to lay blame with Newsweek, or with the soldier who supposedly flushed the pages... but WHAT ABOUT THE IDIOTS WILLING TO KILL PEOPLE OVER PIECES OF PAPER?

"I am so offended that you have flushed a piece of paper from a book I can simply replace by walking to the nearest religious book store, that I am going to start murdering people in a fit of rage."



*deep breath*

I remember when I was younger, and Sinead O'Connor tore up a picture of the pope on SNL... I was watching that. it was the year after I graduated high school.

I respect a person like her who has the guts to stand up and speak out. who has the guts to not be politically correct... to not be cowed... to say what so desperately needs to be said.

I do NOT respect the people who bend to the media... who say that they're "outraged" and "appalled" by things like seeing Janet Jacksons breast on TV for a few seconds. things like that are simply so far beyond ridiculous that it's almost incomprehensible to me. it's actually a fact that many of these "outraged" people are simply focus groups of extremist christians, mostly from a single organization, flooding the phonelines to raise a stink.

most people simply don't give a shit... and most of the ones that do, only do because everyone else seems to.

I hate always feeling like I'm one of the only people to stand up and say "HEY! YOU'RE BEING STUPID!".


anyway... as for the holocaust... generally I agree with you. the only point I try to remind people of, is that the jews were not the only people persecuted. gays, political dissidents and essentially any other people that were deemed unwanted were also thrown into the concentration camps. I'm no fan of holocaust revisionist history, but I like to remind people that just because jews are the only ones raising a huge fuss about the holocaust, they were not the only ones targeted.

(and the "holocaust" wasn't the only massive persecution and genocide of a people in history either. it's, AGAIN, just the one that gets made the biggest deal of. there have been many.)

and I do think that the youth of today lacks respect, lacks focus, lacks a lot of things. with the frenetic pace of bullshit being flashed before them all the time like strobe lights... nothing but marketing non stop and stupid crap... and the level of violence and whatnot on tv... people just really don't care anymore. they'd rather get drunk, have sex, listen to shitty rap music, try to dress like G's and think that they're the shit.

I used to consider going into teaching... but when I look at the youth of today wherever I go... what I see disgusts me. I would lose my job long before I made any real difference.

anyway... I guess to sum it up, I just get tired of hearing about it honestly. we know it happened, we're not forgetting. I'M JUST SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT!! it was over 60 years ago! what the fuck do you want me to do about it now!?!? why don't we raise memorials all over the fucking globe for the victims of the Nipponese in Nanjing China... or of the millions killed by Stalin in Russia?

I guess that's really what irritates me the most... them sitting there constantly making such a huge deal about it...
oh, and for the record, using the words "good" and "evil" is STUPID.



clear? "good" and "evil" are arbitrary concepts invented by man and used in religion for the ignorant and simple minded. they are used in modern day to evoke the same emotions and justify political actions and propaganda... it's like saying that Osama Bin Laden is EVIL. how fucking stupid is that!?!?

Osama Bin Laden has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who consider him a hero who is fighting for their rights. who is fighting for the good of a repressed people... who is avenging the Arab nations against the United States for the tens of thousands of women and children that we've killed directly or indirectly in the middle east through our meddling in foreign affairs... both covertly and openly.

calling him evil is as good as saying "I'm either a downright liar who is trying to manipulate you, or I'm a total fucking idiot."

using words like that is a key sign that you should stop and really think about why that person would use a word like that. make references to some vague "eeeevil".

Hitler was not EVIL... he was a misguided and angry man who used his charisma and firm belief in christianity and nationalistic pride to manipulate a country into following him blindly because they believed it was the right thing to do. they believed he would raise them back up from the dregs of post world war I... that he would make them strong and respected in the world... he brainwashed their youth and he crushed his opposition. that doesn't make him EVIL... and to use that word is simplistic and naive.

you should learn and understand WHY a person does something... understand all the nuances... how different people perceive his actions in different ways... how he could come to power... how he could do the things he did and why people would follow him in light of all those things... THAT is how you gain a REAL understanding of the world... to do any less... to simply peg him as EVIL and not really try to understand the whole matter... that is a disservice not only to yourself, but to everyone else... because that kind of ignorant and simplistic view of what someone like him did.... is what allows it to happen again.... and again... and again... and again.

people need to really dig into a subject... look at it from all angles... stop trying to peg things in childish terms like "good" and "evil"... as though everything is black and white... "the good guys" and "the bad guys"...

start understanding that the world is FAR FAR FAR from being so childishly simple and then you'll really be getting somewhere.



PC said...

I remember when I was younger, and Sinead O'Connor tore up a picture of the pope on SNL... I was watching that. it was the year after I graduated high school.

MAN, I remember that so clearly, heh, and you were JUST out of high school? Whow.

You ever notice that is edited out of all the re-runs?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I haven't read any of your blog yet. However, I'm fairly comfortable here because I feel like we are both assholes. I'm going to get a couple of things off my chest here, I apologize that they don't relate to you.

I didn't really give a shit about Prince Charming until he disparaged a girl on the mistaken assumption that she was me. Frankly, between me and you, he didn't take his blog down because people asked him to...he took it down because he didn't want people to see Late Caller's comment, because it made him look like complete shit. As I said on there, it is pathetic that he talked shit about that girl in a public form for the enjoyment of his readers. And shut the fuck up PC, I don't want you to retort about how your blog is for your own benefit. Stop kidding yourself, you LOVE the feed back from your groupies, that is why you do it.

And that was such a 4th grade insult saying whether I knew Arete was a chick's name. I really don't want to lecture you, but here goes. "Arete" is the warrior like spirit or the characteristic of excellence that set apart Homeric heroes from the rest of their peers: Odysseus, Achilles, you name them...they had "Arete". Who gives a shit if some girl had that name?

Phraedom, how can you hang out with a man who is so thin skinned? You seem like a thick skinned man yourself. I think there are very few things that would cause you to eliminate all comments from your blog. PC is more woman than man.

PC said...

"he took it down because he didn't want people to see Late Caller's comment, because it made him look like complete shit." Your so funny. I have it if you want to see it. I did take it down because you were creaping people out, not just me.

You get soo pissed when you can't handle the truth, you just flip to your only recourse, finger pointing and blame. You creaped people out, PERIOD. And, then you want to blame me for your bullshit. I'm totally serious when I say I think you need mental help. I'm not saying it as an insult, you do.

I'll always admit when I make mistakes, I fucking do it constantly. It was a big mistake for me to let you piss me off. I'm pissed now, I'm actually fucking amused. Your finger pointing and name calling is still going. But you still are hiding, still trying to defend Late Caller. Sort of obsessed with that one, aren't you? And none of the shit I said or did to anyone else bugs you at all?

PC said...

BTW: Ancient Women Philosophers
Arete of Cyrene

Arete is one of the few ancient women philosophers that actually had a philosophic career. For 35 years she taught natural and moral philosophy in the schools and academies of Attica. Arete was the daughter of Aristippus, who was the head of the Cyrenaic school. Arete became the successor of the that school.[1]

Aristippus raised Arete on the principal of despising excess. She grew up to become an egalitarian, and her philosophy refelected this. She is quoted as saying, "I dream of a world where there are neither masters nor slave..."[2]

Arete, as a Cyrenaic, held ethics as the essence of philosophy. Cyrenaics were interested in what was good for the family and society. The sole measure for morality was pleasure, because pleasure was the goal of life. Cyrenasics understood the balance between pleasure and pain. One did not exist without the other. While pleasure was a gentle, calm motion in the soul, pain was a vuiolent one. Most importantly, according to the Cyrenaics, an individual must not become obssessed in their desire for pleasure. Thus, the independence of the soul from a craving for pleasure was good. [3]

1. Waithe, Mary Ellen. "Arete, Asclepigenia, Axiothea, Cleobulina, Hipparchia, and Lasthenia" in A History of Women Philosophers. (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992).

2. Leon, Vicki. "Arete," in Uppity Women of Ancient Greece. (San Luis Obispo: Tabula Rasa Press, 1989).

3. Waithe, Mary Ellen. "Arete, Asclepigenia, Axiothea, Cleobulina, Hipparchia, and Lasthenia" in A History of Women Philosophers. (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992).

JStressman said...

Arete: I enabled Anonymous Comments on this blog because I felt that it was in line with the whole "phreadom" movement that I started.

with that said...

personally I think it's humorous to call PC thin skinned... with that aside however, Late Caller was a fling that PC had VERY shortly after his wife left when they REALLY agreed to divorce. from all accounts that I've heard, she was a fat girl that he wasn't interested in... but he fooled around a bit, got a blowjob and called it quits. he made a concerted effort after that to make it clear to her that he didn't want a relationship with her, just to be friends. he made it clear the night she sucked his cock that he didn't want sex (intercourse). Late Caller kept on his case and kept trying to talk about sex and whatnot.. at which point he was really pressing the "JUST FRIENDS" thing... so he let her read his blog to see what all was going on with him so that maybe she'd get it through her head. WHICH SHE DIDN'T. all she did then was start commenting like a jealous stalker that was pissed off that he'd consider dating other women but not her.


she needs to get the fuck over it. and honestly, if you're her. seriously... get help.

I tolerate shit on here because my blog seems to be a forum for debate... so feel free to bring it here. honestly PC is going through a very difficult divorce and he needs an outlet where he can also get some feedback so that he feels like he's not alone... and also to find out that there are other halfway normal people out there who can give him advice and/or motivation. I've bitched at him myself for being an attention seeker on a forum that I find rather pathetic... but it's what he needs. I just simply told him I wasn't going to tone down who I was, but rather would try to direct any debates that arose, back to this blog. so on that note, I'd personally like to see you be mature enough to continue this debate on this blog. I'd even make a post just for you that we could debate under. I just think it's really sad that PC has to disable his blog because some Anonymous Poster is too fucking childish and stupid to actually grasp the details of exactly what really happened.

now I believe I've covered the details here... and that is beside the point that they've also been laid out in PC's blog previously, just as I've stated them. I've just summed them up and driven the point home rather bluntly.

show a little maturity and intelligence please.

thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

OK I'll settle this once and for all. I wanted to fuck with PC, just because. I latched on to the Late Caller thing because she had recently commented and I read all that shit and it sounded humorous. I had read the entire blog the day before, so I was just throwing all sorts of random shit in there (like the frames, Tim, etc.). PC is the one who focused on the Late Caller part and I kept bringing it up because he did.

I'm not really concerned that I creeped people out. I bet there were plenty of people on your blog who got a kick out of it. I was certainly more entertaining reading than a lot of your posts.

Again, I don't care if a chick was named Arete. I'm not sure why you posted all that background informatino. I made it clear the alternate (and main) meaning that mine references, and you don't seem to grasp that.

Exactly what truth am I failing to handle? I don't doubt that I creeped people out, it was my intent. I like to talk shit and make no sense and get in battles of that sort. It is a game, and you lost. In fact, you changed your entire blogging protocol because of me. Gold Medal.

I'm thrilled that you are fucking amused. You should have been from the beginning. I was just some nobody coming in and flying off the handle with ludicrous smack, you should have taken it with a grain of salt from the get go. But you didn't. It actually became much funnier when you constantly thought I was someone you knew, though.

I don't really think I need mental help, but I could be wrong. In reality, I have an awesome life, a beautiful girlfriend, and a great future. How I portray myself on your blog doesn't really concern me.

By the way, how am I "still hiding", as you said in your comment? That makes zero sense to me.

I hope from all this that PC learns to lighten up. I think he should probably go back to allowing people on his blog to comment, because that is something that he seems to really love. So tell him to do it, I won't fuck with on there anymore.

I'd like to see him take negative comments in stride, but thats not his style. He overreacts. I get that now. I'll leave him be. I hope everything works out for him. I was just messing around, if he had responded playfully I would have responded playfully...but he didn't. He came back hard so I came back hard. I'm not sure how you can take me seriously when I was referencing Charlottes Web, Joseph Smith, Scyalla and Charbyis...I was trying to be as outlandish as possible.

JStressman said...

your IP address.

also, however great you might think your life is, you're acting like a child here. bottom line. I don't tolerate stupid children on here. so unlike PC, if you can't at least act like an adult, I'll simply ban you. and continue banning you as long as I need to (as I'm fully aware of anonymous proxies and the like).

while this is generally an open discussion forum for people of differing viewpoints, I will not tolerate childish little trolls, of which group you quite obviously hail from.

he said that you were still hiding because you're posting essentially anonymously. you don't have an account linked to your name. I wouldn't think that would be too hard for you to understand, but I guess I assumed wrong. silly me.

also, I haven't read any of your trollish comments on PC's blog, so I really have no idea what went on. I was on the other side of the state attending a friends wedding while this little scandal ensued. but I would guess that you were referring to Charybdis and not Charbyis? given your penchant for referring to greek mythology. you seem to have a bit of trouble using your keyboard. ;)

anyhoo... hopefully you'll go back under your bridge and leave PC alone after this, having gotten your childish jollies fucking with a complete stranger who is going through a very difficult part of his life. personally I think you're a pathetic little punk. and that, coming from me, should be quite the insult, considering my penchant for being an asshole on some blogs. I think the difference however, is that I actually know what the hell I'm talking about, and have a valid point to make. you're nothing more than a childish little prick who tries to get a rise out of people for no other reason than to amuse themselves.

if you feel like arguing with me, have at it. but mind you, you've been warned. I don't tolerate stupidity. I argue for the sake of knowledge and skill. to hone my debate skills, to learn new ideas and new ways of viewing an idea from an opponent, and to possibly teach them a thing or two in the process. if none of these goals is being met, it's a waste of my time and will be treated as such.

PC said...

Hmm, I admitted in the beginning that I was screwed up, with a nasty divorce from a bitch I should have left long ago. So, I'm screwed up? So what? What the hell is your excuse? Just that your a psycho and proud of it?

Do you honestly think your going to kick a guy a couple times when he's down and prance off bragging that you kicked his ass? I'll fucking debate you all day and night, but you haven't said anything intelligent enough yet to debate.

I shut you down because you freaked out other people, not because you freaked me out. There are a few females that read my blog (if ya haven't noticed) that really just don't want to hear shit like that, or any of this. Ya know what, I don't care, I didn't want to write a soft core porn blog. I wrote what I was thinking and feeling, and I guess I just don't have confused feelings about sex... Shit, that's the only thing in relationships I seem to know anything about. There's nothing to say about it.

You showed up, tried to take center stage, and acted like an ass. Everyone hated you (with the POSSIBLE exception of Late Caller). That only thing that makes people do shit like this is true insecurity. You’re constantly bragging, trying to throw in references from garbage, trying so hard to prove yourself, you don't even realize people are laughing at you. It's a pretty fucked up psychosis you have, and I stand by the fact that you need to get help.

Ya know, I'm NOT going to lighten up. If anything, you have just proven how really sick and twisted some people are, and it makes me feel sad everyone else in the world that has to deal with assholes like you. Lighten up? Fuck off. Over react? Try, "don't wanna put up with your shit, so FUCK OFF." Ya wanna pick a fight, ya did. I just had the decency to take it outside and not subject an unwilling audience to this bullshit.

Hey, if you want a gold metal for being the biggest asshole, feel free to claim that title, we aren't stopping you. The fact you want it so bad, and seem so proud of it, it's really shocking that you can't see how desperately you need mental help.

I disagree with Phreadom on the "you're nothing more than a childish little prick who tries to get a rise out of people for no other reason than to amuse themselves" comment. I don't think it is for your own amusement, I think it's a sick twisted ego problem where your overcompensating for complete insecurity about something in your life that you must be devastatingly ashamed of.

There’s to much motivation there for you to just be doing this for your own amusement, you’re really trying to prove something to yourself, that your tough, that your a guy, that you can push other people around. It just screems of someone sexually abused by an uncle or something. Honestly, whatever it is, you need help.

I think you might want to crawl back in your hole now, because I don’t think your going to find anything that Phreadom or I are truly insecure about. Poking around here is just going to result in us hammering you over and over again. Hell, I’m happy to do it here, people can come find it, look at it, whatever. But it’s really NOT throwing it out in front of people who were not expecting to find it. And finally, why did I react more to the Late Caller comments more than anything else? Because she is a fucking HUMAN BEING. You can make fun of my picture frames, my lawyer, my soon to be ex wife, my fucked up marriage, any of that is fine with me. I am pretty secure with who I am, and what I’m doing with my life. It doesn’t bug me. Guess that’s why it wasn’t any fun for you?

You choose to post anonymously at the same times as her, talking about her, making it ambiguous enough that I wasn’t the only one that believed you two were the same person. I mean, I could have tracked IP’s and figured it out, but honestly, I wasn’t going to waste the effort on you. I did start to see the, but didn’t go much deeper. (and I didn’t even bother to verify if it was a proxy server related thing). And for that matter, that way it was written, you to sounded the same. No one could figure out what the hell your point was. Honestly, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit shocked if you were some internet friend of hers that she sent those comments to post, and you tweaked them slightly? Who the fuck cares.

You’re the one who drug Late Caller out in the spotlight, not me. I –did- get creeped out by her, so what? I didn’t say anything about it for a long time, because I didn’t think that she could deal with it. And, I honestly thought to myself “I’d rather she quit talking about sex so she COULD be a friend, or just go away.” It didn’t happen like that, but that’s shit in MY eyes. I mentioned hanging out at a bar with friends, she didn’t want to do that. She mentioned going to the fair, and that was a bit more “date” like that I wanted.

Then, you started the shit storm and drug her into it. And I I wasn’t afraid of telling the truth, just avoiding it for her sake. You actually admit “I latched on to the Late Caller thing because she had recently commented and I read all that shit and it sounded humorous.” And then you somehow convinced yourself that I was being an ass? Ya know what, I am sorry for what she went through, but I still say she creeped me out. Sometimes two people just don’t get along. But pushing the point over and over the way you were was just unbelievably cruel thing to do to her.

How many times can you not see eye to eye before you just give up? And then there were some things she did (that I don’t even want to say) that really did make me feel pretty weird being around her. You don’t need to know that, your just looking for any crap to dig up, regardless of who you fuck over to do it, so you can continue to be an asshole.

If you read carefully, I did apologize to her, I feel bad that I ever showed her the blog. No one in the world who reads this will ever know its her in real life. But, for her to be reading it is something she can’t “un-hear” now, and I’d say that probably sucks to beat hell. And, I am sorry about it. But, I’m not going to lie to her. And, I’d expect the same from anyone else, tell me I’m an ass, whatever, just don’t blow smoke up my ass.

You were hiding who you were, and I still say that. If your not afraid, then why not start your own little window of bullshit on the internet? I know why, because you ARE afraid, you ARE hiding, and you simply are incapable of making statements like that without the ability to run away. You know if it got put in one place, you would end up being verbally thrashed about so hard you would actually have to face how fucked up you are after dozens of people tell you the same thing over and over.

Oh, Phreadom, thanks for the temporary forum to hash out some bullshit. This looks like it is going to be pretty easy, I’m betting he/she/it leaves pretty soon.

JStressman said...

my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

You are the man. That is the exact kind of post I wanted from PC. I didn't bother reading his last post because it was too long, and because it can't compete with yours. I wish I had fucked with you first because it would have been a fun back and forth. As it is, I'm burnt out.

JStressman said...

me too. I'm going to crawl into bed next to Jen and read The Cryptonomicon some more and then pass the FUCK OUT.

hopefully I'll wake up early enough to go get my oil changed tomorrow and call about the latest house that Meg tracked down for me.

nite nite everyone.

Angel! said...

wow, phreadom... can I comment on your post or should I say something about the shit that PC and Arete are juggling with?! I kinda forgot what I wanted to say about YOUR post!

Something about the fact that you forgot to talk about the women who are(were) raped victims in e-ve-ry single war there is(was) on this fucked up planet.

What else (I'm still thinking about Arete's level of im/maturity)... Oh yeah! That you'd sooo enjoy being a "québécois". Fuck, you think like one! It'd be quite an interesting thing to share dinner and wine with you while chitchatting about anything and everything. I really love all of your points of views, I'm telling you... you've got some french blood running through your veins! lol

And about the youth, the teenagers, etc. One of the many reasons why I openly admit to not wanting to have kids is that kids these days are sooo disrespectful and dumb (thanks to t.v., video games and "ghosts parents"!). My sister's kids come home at night telling her stuff that she'd never teach them (such as dieting and wearing sexy clothes at 6 years old!) and that makes me want to puke... imagine if they were my kids.

You make me remember of a man I used to work with. A "fuckin' French" as most would call him (he was from France), an "annoying French"... But what those people didn't know and what I knew (I shared my office space with him for almost 4 years!) is that when you REALLY listened at what he had to say, fuck, that man was soo right! When you were REALLY listening to him, you then knew how much he was right and you might have been wrong!

Anyway, you make me think of him... and me. One of my best friends like to say: "Cendrine doesn't speak that often but when she does, she says stuff to wake the people up".......

Phreadom, I really enjoy reading your posts, please, don't shut the fuck up!

JStressman said...

wow. thank you Cendrine. :) I'll take that as a compliment. :D

oddly enough, I had someone assume that I was French the other day (online) just because I was sticking up for someone who was French... said that I was a buttboy for the Germans etc... I pointed out to him that I was actually dutch/german with, to the best of my knowledge, no french in me to speak of.

it was essentially about someone posting something in french in a pirate movies newsgroup... and this idiot was bitching up a storm about it. so I had to explain to him the global nature and history of the internet, unmoderated forums, de facto standards etc. I haven't heard a peep back after that. ;) I think he got the point.