Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another example of ignorance.

I ran across a site today that piqued my interest at first glance, but as I read through the article, I simply had to laugh at how outrageous some of this guys assertions were. I mean, some of the points are true, generally regarding ties to Freemasonry... but beyond that, as far as what freemasonry is, or as to what the spiritual relevance of certain symbols are, or whether or not things were built for certain reasons... I mean... this guy must be smoking crack. :-)

Freemasonry and Washington D.C.'s Street Layout.

For instance, he claims that the 5 points of the pentagram stand for Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, with the bottom point representing Lucifer himself.



It stands for the spirit. In almost every religion ever to use it. Not to mention the fact that it was regularly associated with Christianity for centuries, including in it's upside down variation. Which he'd know if he did any real research.

Or his assertion that the streets were laid out in a giant satanic pentagram for the following reason:
The symbols that were interwoven into the design of Governmental Center, communicate tremendous power to the occultist while at the same time they hide the true meaning from non-occultist. These symbols take on a life of their own, in the mind of the occultist, possessing great inherent power to accomplish the plans of the occultist.

However, if we look at the following image, we see that there is a section of the perceived pentagram missing.
Perceived partial pentagram in Washington D.C. street plan.

Not only that, but if we refer back to the original plans themselves, we see that this was the case from the beginning.
Original L'enfant plans from 1791.

Now, if you were intent on creating a giant pentagram whose symbolism was highly important, wouldn't you make the simple effort to continue 1 street to complete the symbol? Not to mention that given it's Pythagorean roots, it's generally made a point to draw it geometrically correct.

Have a look at this page page for much more on that:
"Washington, DC - A secret satanic plot revealed?"

Or how about where he says the following about the Washington Monument:
The Federal Government informs us that the visible height of the Washington Monument is five hundred and fifty-five feet, and the foundation depth is an additional planned twenty percent of the visible height.

Thus accurate figures for the foundation depth in feet, the overall total height in feet, and also the visible height in inches, can be arrived at.

Which according to his erroneous calculations, come to 666 feet and 6660 inches respectively.

However, if he would have actually done any research whatsoever on the subject, he would have discovered the following FACTS about the height of both the above ground and below ground portions of the monument:

Height above ground: 555 ft 5 1/8 in
Depth below ground: 36 ft 10 in

Which gives us a grand total height of 592 feet 3 and 1/8ths inches and an above ground height of 6,665.125 inches.
(and 7107 and 1/8 inches grand total, just to be thourough)

Funny how when you actually stick to facts, ignorant conspiracy theories start to fall apart. Life starts getting a lot more interesting when you start to realize that an awful lot of things are like that.

Feel free to dig in further and see what else you can find out about that article, I guarantee you'll learn a hell of a lot in the process. ;-)

(I actually did a lot of studying on Freemasonry not too long ago, thanks to Jen's roommate Gabby lending me a book on the history of Freemasonry before the supposed origination in England etc, so this really jumped out at me as bullshit once I started reading it and saw the references to Lucifer and Satanism.)


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but there's also the fact of the Federal triangle. Every August, I believe, the Evening Star alines with the Washington Monument. The Evening Star is located within the constellation Virgo, a constellation featured in many Masonic meeting spaces and Federal government buildings. The image of Venus rising is found on the monument to James Garfield, who was President and a Freemason. I don't necessarily believe that there is a conspiracy or anything, but those are some interesting coincidences.