Thursday, August 04, 2005

I learn something new every day.

So I was over reading a post on Chris's blog (a blog friend of Lisa's), and ran across a reference I didn't quite recognize, so I went researching.

Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Interesting reading... one of those things that while not terribly important, does factor into the social context and is therefore something that I should at least be aware of in order to better understand the social nuances of UK pop culture etc.

Also, it's always nice to get a view of things firsthand on the other side of the pond. Most of my friends are in Germany over there, so I don't hear much straight from the UK.

Aaaand... in light of the recent London transit bombings, it's even more interesting hearing about the peoples reactions... such as the post I linked to above.

As for Robert Kilroy-Silk, the more I read what he has to say, the more I somewhat I agree with him... while he's a bit off base, his opinions are rooted in the truth, as the following article explains;
Kilroy-Silk is right about the Middle East, say Arabs.

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