Friday, August 05, 2005


Bush Remarks On 'Intelligent Design' Theory Fuel Debate.

Simply put, "Intelligent Design" is not a scientific theory, it is a religious belief and nothing more. It does not belong being taught under the false guise of "science" anywhere near a science classroom. Period. You're welcome to discuss it in a religious studies or philosophy class or something... but having nothing to do with sound science, it by no means belongs in a science classroom and is ridiculous to be even considered as such. Frankly I personally would rather it wasn't "taught" anywhere, but rather discussed frankly as what it is, a religious belief held primarily by Christians with no factual or scientific basis, and as I stated in my previous post, a belief that lacks any logical or rational foundation whatsoever.

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Sean said...

Didn’t we already do this with Galileo?
Hey, I would just be happy if I thought Bush could explain what evolution is… but honestly, what do you think are the odds that he could!

JStressman said...

As my later post says, Bush lacks an understanding of science. ;-) How's that for understating something? ;-)