Thursday, August 18, 2005

World's Smallest Political Quiz.

So, on the advice of my friend Sean yesterday, I took the World's Smallest Political Quiz.

I had told him that I felt like I was a conservative masquerading as a liberal simply because I was loathe to be associated with Bush and all his neo-con fundie Christian flock, whom I detest.

Mind you, I mean conservative in the classical sense, NOT in the contemporary sense.

So I took the test... and feel a good deal better about where I stand as a result.

So without further ado... The Results. :-)

The political description that fits you best is...

LIBERTARIANS support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence.

Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

The RED DOT on the Chart shows where you fit on the political map.

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 100%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 100%.
(Please note: Scores falling on the Centrist border are counted as Centrist.)


(Results are renewed after each submission.)

How People Have Scored

Centrist 30.10 %

Right (Conservative) 7.54 %

Libertarian 34.93 %

Left (Liberal) 18.84 %

Statist (Big Government) 8.59 %


Other Political Philosophies

Left (Liberal)
Liberals usually embrace freedom of choice in personal matters, but tend to support significant government control of the economy. They generally support a government-funded "safety net" to help the disadvantaged, and advocate strict regulation of business. Liberals tend to favor environmental regulations, defend civil liberties and free expression, support government action to promote equality, and tolerate diverse lifestyles.

Centrists espouse a "middle ground" regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention and sometimes support individual freedom of choice. Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind, tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.

Right (Conservative)
Conservatives tend to favor economic freedom, but frequently support laws to restrict personal behavior that violates "traditional values." They oppose excessive government control of business, while endorsing government action to defend morality and the traditional family structure. Conservatives usually support a strong military, oppose bureaucracy and high taxes, favor a free-market economy, and endorse strong law enforcement.

Statist (Big Government)
Statists want government to have a great deal of power over the economy and individual behavior. They frequently doubt whether economic liberty and individual freedom are practical options in today's world. Statists tend to distrust the free market, support high taxes and centralized planning of the economy, oppose diverse lifestyles, and question the importance of civil liberties.

Essentially I guess I feel that although as somewhat of a bum myself, I'm drawn to the idea of the social safety nets and such rather than personal responsibility... but realistically I know that the Libertarian ideals are more in line with the personal freedoms I hold as being of such great importance. Something of a survival of the fittest type arrangement. ie; Why should I be -forced- to provide for the welfare of my lazy neighbor? Why should I not be allowed to reap the rewards of my own hard work and live independantly, should I so choose?

There is a lot about the current form of our country that flies in the face of what our founding fathers meant, and a lot of serious misconceptions and revisionism in the history we've learned.

What I've been doing lately is attempting to get a better and more facts based understanding of the foundations of this country and governmental system from it's inception to modern day.

I feel that when I'm done, I'll feel much more comfortable taking a solid stance on these issues, as I know that right now, I do not have enough information to make an intelligent stand on many points.

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