Friday, July 01, 2005

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Is there no end to U.S. scandals?

The case is exacerbated by European displeasure at the manner in which U.S. intelligence interacts with them. U.S. agencies are eager to get information from all sources but are reluctant to share what they know forcing European agencies – which unlike the American have to operate in environments with much higher levels of democratic protections and oversight mechanisms – to work in the dark.

yep. that's right. the United States is well on it's way down the list of free countries in the world. it's already a crock of shit that we still call ourselves the most free... that's a patent lie. but it's just getting worse... more and more countries are moving ahead of us to be more free, and mostly because we're actively and agressively moving towards less freedom here.

our government keeps moving to give itself more power and take away more rights and freedoms from the people... and this whole "terrorism" bullshit has been a catalyst for that... grease in the gears... it's been drummed up into a fearmongering frenzy that we have to give up our rights and freedoms to protect us from THE TERRORISTS, but really the chances are so small as to be insignificant that we'd ever personally fall victim to ANY terrorist acts WHATSOEVER. you have a better chance of dying on your way to work. hell, a FAR greater chance of dying on your way to work... but your government isn't trying to stop you from driving are they?

and meanwhile, you have Bush and friends lying to the American People, Congress and the world at large while waging pre-emptive war on a country that had NOTHING AT ALL to do with 9/11 while drilling the inferred connection into the American psyche to the point where the vast majority of people FIRMLY believe that Saddam really was in with Al Qaeda and behind 9/11... and the WMD's were just the icing on the cake really... bullshit... but at least seemingly more valid as a reason for war... which we now know to ALSO be total bullshit.

in the meantime, we've created the worlds greatest hotbed for terrorist activities and training, in the middle of a massive Iraqi insurgency to get the U.S. Occupation out of their country etc. hell, now I've even got my anti-war friends saying that we have to stay in Iraq because now we've created such a horrific clusterfuck over there that we can't leave.

so... what then? we just spend the next 20 years sending our children off to die and killing hundreds of thousands MORE Iraqi's???? because Bush and his friends lied and got us into a horrible mess with no plan to get us out and no real plan for the war because their only intention ever was to just get us in there and get Saddam out and get our hands on the oil etc? a foothold into the region?

Impeach the bastard and send him and his buddies to prison. pull our troops OUT of Iraq, admit that we SERIOUSLY screwed up and that our president was a lying piece of shit. let the region fend for itself.

and before you say "well, we made the mess, now we have to clean it up"... if you even THINK about saying that, then you'd damn well better flat out admit how FUCKED Bush and his ilk are and demand impeachment.

for the love of god... Clintons blowjobs didn't cost a single fucking life. and they impeached him for it? Bush has already cost the lives of over 1,700 American troops and contributed to the deaths of well over an estimated 100,000 Iraqi's so far. (and that number comes from CNN, over 8 months ago. no telling what they're at now. the officially reported and verifiable through at least 2 sources deaths are only at around 25,000 to 40,000... but it's generally accepted that the totals are much much higher.)

anyway... I digress. the point being... our country has been overrun by a bunch of imperialistic fascist warmongers who have been lying to the American people and waging wholly illegal wars and plunging the entire planet into a precarious situation in it's march for a New World Order.

it's time we impeach Bush and throw the lot of them in prison and restore our country to what it's supposed to be... back to the constitution and the ideals of the founding fathers. get the governments hands out of every aspect of our private lives, and get our troops out of all these other countries.... start repairing our international ties, and maybe, just maybe start restoring a little bit of trust and respect... but most importantly, FIX THE BULLSHIT HERE IN AMERICA.

get your religion out of my government first and foremost. and quit using the constitution for toilet paper. start respecting people who have different beliefs and treating people like adults. quit legislating your religious morals on everyone else and thinking that you have the right to strip away personal liberty and freedom in the name of imaginary threats and terror and creating a christian police state as a precursor to literally creating a world police and spreading your fascist ideology around the entire globe.


I just hope you all go down for this... and go down HARD. I can only dream that the American people will really wake up and finally smell the coffee and be pushed far enough to finally push back. I can see the people stirring... unrest is rising... the majority of the nation has swayed against Bush and the war... but Bush and friends are still avoiding responsibility and pushing forward with a vengeance.

check out the machinations of Thomas P.M. Barnett to see some of what I'm talking about. then you'll get an idea of the kind of New World Order the government is really pushing for. do some digging on this guy, you might be surprised.

I can't rant anymore on this for now, I'm spent. over and out.

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