Thursday, July 21, 2005

more Plame, more bombs and some other world events to be aware of.

Ex-officers: CIA leak may have harmed U.S.

"Intelligence officers should not be used as political footballs," the 11 said. "In the case of Valerie Plame, she still works for the CIA and is not in a position to publicly defend her reputation and honor."

More blasts hit London transport.

Four "explosions or attempts at explosions", smaller than last time, no fatalities, one casualty.

Will media coverage victimize Israeli settlers?

"Our discourse should be focused on dealing with a number of issues that reflect the fact that the Palestinians have suffered for decades under occupation and that they are the real victims not the settlers who are the aggressors and the occupiers and not refugees or homeless.” Awkal said.

The Rove case - Bush says one thing does another.

Even staunch Republicans see through the Rove cover-up: 71 percent of Republicans in an ABC News national poll this week believe Rove should be fired for being the leaker (83 percent of Democrats) while only 25 percent of the public believe President Bush is cooperating with the investigation into the leak of Valerie Plame's name.


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