Friday, July 29, 2005

Creationists, ID'ers, Young Earthers...

One name... Kent Hovind.

Pleasant to see that this "Creation Science Evangelist" is so full of bullshit that even reputable christian organizations are distancing themselves from him and going as far as to flat out state point by point how wrong he is.

Now, I'm no fan of christians and generally think they're all fucking idiots... but these guys in AiG are definitely a cut above the norm. They definitely talk the talk, and to have the common sense to say everything they've said on that page so far, they've really got my attention.

Christianity has HAD to come to the realization that evolution is a FACT. That the age of the earth and of the dinosaurs are FACTS. Creationism in the sense of god creating the universe or of god guiding evolution... these things aren't really in debate... god creating everything we see today a few thousand years ago just as it is now, like the bible says... BULLSHIT. and even most knowledgeable christians know it's BULLSHIT... even though they're still not bright enough to stop following the book that swears that bullshit as fact... or the stupid religion based on that fallacious bullshit... but babysteps I guess. we're headed in the right direction.

(I was going to debunk his video point by point, but the net is full of sites that do it already... and with the rate the guy lied at... I would have had pages and pages of work for only the first 4 minutes of the film. it's insane.)

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