Friday, July 22, 2005

Britons ask "why has the Iraq war not made us safer?"

The Britons ask "why Iraq war has not made us safer?".

An excerpt from the summary:

The bombings occurred, according to Tariq Ali, "without any doubt because Tony Blair decided to lock himself in a coital embrace with the U.S. president, from which he could not be easily dislodged. He decided to take a skeptical public into a war it did not support."

Every day that British troops stay in Iraq, the more that the people of Britain are taken to be implicated in a murderous occupation. By associating Britain with the U.S. puppet regime in Iraq, whose police locked ten men in a truck to boil to death last week, Blair increases the threat to everyone who lives there.

There must be a dramatic reverse in policy, in Britain, the United States, and abroad. Pulling the troops out of Iraq will begin to drain the swamp of bitterness that nurtures “terrorism”. The threat of “terrorism” will not end overnight, but it is the absolute necessary first step. The majority of people in the United States have turned against the Bush war - Britons must intensify the pressure on their government to break from him as well.

(I had to alter the subject on my post because the translation on the title of the AlJazeera post was grammatically painful to me. I'm guessing you can see that for yourself.)

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