Monday, July 18, 2005

Particularly interesting.

Can Bush rally US support for Iraq?

I found this article to be particularly interesting because of the contrast between the 2 general types of people responding. You have on one hand, the people who are actually informed about what's going on... and on the other, you have the ignorant folk supporting Bush. "9/11! yay Bush! Get Iraq for 9/11!"

Here's one:

The views of the silent majority are not represented here. They were however, represented very clearly in the election results. You who disagree with Bush and his policies are a minority, deal with it.
Roy, USA

Yeah... because a race that was neck in neck and came out nearly evenly divided, not to mention that statistically, most people are ignorant... and that by looking at the map, you can see that as you go into the more progressive, intelligent, upper class type areas, the vote sways distinctly in favor of Kerry etc.

It's unfortunate that there are so many stupid fucking Christian idiots who believe Bush's bullshit. "well, he's a good, god fearing Christian trying to do his best.. he's just like you and me."

That kind of stupid Christian weakness idealizing ignorance celebrating sheep attitude is screwing this country over so badly. We don't need or want a moronic fuckup Christian idiot in the office running the world into the ground. We want a man who is far more intelligent than we are, capable of understanding the great depth and complexity of worldwide issues and acting on our behalf for the better BECAUSE of his superior ability to fulfill that role.

Abject morons like Roy there and his ilk are sadly a blight on this country... it is people like them that make me ashamed to belong to the human race sometimes.

Sometimes I get angry about people like that... but more often I'm just sad that there are so many more of them than there are truly knowledgeable, intelligent people in relation to these issues.

I believed President Bush has made a right decision on invading Iraq when it was controlled by Saddam. Under Saddam's regime, Iraq was a haven for terrorists, he provided these terrorists with shelter and financial support. For the American people, you cannot sit and wait for another 9/11 to happen again. For those whose believed President Bush made a wrong decision, please ask yourself a question: "Why did 9/11 happen to the US?"
MP, Little town, Japan

That is an IDEAL example of the kind of brainwashing that Bush and company have tried to put over on everyone. Iraq was NOT a haven for terrorists, Saddam was NOT providing them with funding etc... and Iraq did NOT have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with 9/11. Bush and friends repeatedly implied and inferred this precisely to give the impression that MP above so perfectly illustrates. They were obviously very successful. Luckily most of the American people seem to at least be starting to realize how badly they've been duped... it's a step in the right direction, but I fear it's too little too late. The amount of damage that Bush has done to the world, and also to United States specifically during his presidency is simply staggering in it's scope.

As I read all the comments on that article... it's almost painful to see how sadly brainwashed and clueless some of these people are. But some do ask very good questions, like Dale here:

To Dan in the USA: What part of the long, hard road in the war on terrorism didn't I understand? First, the assumption that terrorism could be defeated. Second, that the Iraq war was the logical next step in defeating terrorism. Third, that the reasons for terrorism aren't being explored or discussed. I agree with Kim in Memphis. Let those that are so hawkish on the war go fight it. There's no bravado in shaking your fist from the relative security of your home.
Dale, USA

Let's clarify those points:

#1 - The assumption that terrorism could be defeated.

#2 - That the Iraq war was the logical next step in defeating terrorism.

#3 - That the reasons for terrorism aren't being explored or discussed.

Seriously... how many people are actually focusing on these points? The first point should be painfully clear... terrorism cannot be defeated through force, as that force only breeds more violence and resistance etc. Not to mention that there is no real army of terrorism to fight against... it's really just fearmongering that the governments use to push through all kinds of measures to increase their ability to control everything and remove your privacy etc... which brings us to point #3. The government, to my knowledge, hasn't even TOUCHED on this subject. They would like to have us think that by saying "these are just extremist muslims.", that they have explained it and been open and honest etc. They're not looking at the things that really have driven these extremists... or the insurgency etc. The US involvement with Israel, the parallels between the US and it's Crusade now with the original Crusades... which is obvious when you actually read some of what the "terrorists" and insurgents are saying... and how often they refer to the US forces as the Crusaders etc. There is a VERY strong distinctly religious facet to this whole mess, and it's one that the US really isn't touching on because it involves our alliance with and support of Israel... a country who is illegally occupying parts of Palestine and committing documented war crimes... a country that we fund with BILLIONS of dollars per year... over $15,000,000.00 PER DAY of US tax dollars goes to them. Not to mention the amount of military hardware and other hardware that we practically give them by selling it to them brand new at 85% discounts etc, so that we don't have to actually count it as giving it to them.

The US government doesn't want to admit that the fact that they've chosen to shit on the constitution and relabel this country as a Christian Nation, and that THAT is one of the reasons we're in this mess. In God We Trust, One Nation Under God... going after the brainwashed terrorist Muslims who've been trained from birth to hate our WAY OF LIFE, not the fact that we've been over in their countries killing their people under the flag of a nation that proclaims itself to be a Christian Nation following in the footsteps of the original Crusaders, fighting what is very obviously a religious war etc.

blah. I don't even want to continue talking about this. It's so stupid. RELIGION IS THE VERY HEART OF THIS WHOLE PROBLEM. PERIOD. Anything else you try to point your finger to is only trying to avoid the VERY ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. RELIGION. Without that RELIGION on all sides here at the very heart of the matter... WE WOULD NOT BE IN THIS MESS. PERIOD. The Jews and their religious belief in their right to Israel and that land... the Muslims and their beliefs in that regard... the Christians and their assistance of the Jews in conflict with the Muslims... the opinion on all sides that THEIRS is the ONE TRUE RELIGION and that they have a divine right and obligation to fight against the others etc because they are wrong... infidels... nonbelievers... attacking the one TRUE religion's faithful etc...


I HATE RELIGION. Most of the worlds woes come down to Religion and the kind of antiquated and completely clusterfucked ignorant stupid mindset that both breeds it and which it turn breeds. BOTTOM LINE.

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