Thursday, July 21, 2005

now -there- is a stupid politician.

Muslims denounce congressman's statement.

While I certainly feel that religion is the root of the problem here... his statement is entirely invalid... it would be more correct to say that we should nuke ALL religious sites, because Christian and Jewish idiocy are just as much at fault for this mess. Don't start selectively blaming one religion for a mess that is the fault of all the Abrahamic religions, and targeting just it's particular holy sites and thereby enraging all of it's followers to join a war en masse for what is at that point, a much more obvious and valid reason.

I hate relgion with a passion, but even I am not stupid enough to advocate something as ridiculous as this retard... that's like deciding to go around blowing up every major religious center and church I can find in retaliation for what Eric Rudolph did.

Which reminds me... my mother was ignorant enough to state that all terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by muslims. *sigh*

Anyway... religion is the problem here. The very root of the problem. We need to teach people to THINK... not to believe in fairytales to the exclusion of rational thought. When you ingrain such backwards thinking into your children, how can you expect them to understand the complexities of the real world? When you childishly label everything in the extremely naive and ignorant black and white labels of "Good" and "Evil", how can you expect people to have any understanding of things? To be able to solve any problem save through forceful eradication of "Evil"?

This kind of pervasive ignorance is the very root of the kind of ingorant intolerance that leads people to follow Bush into a war where THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people are being brutally killed... that prevents them from realizing the discrepencies between reality and what is told to them. Their naive and unquestioning loyalty to figures of authority. And when reality slaps them in the face, AGAIN their religious mindset coupled with cognitive dissonace and confirmation bias causes them to again shirk off the discomfort of having to realize the consequences of their choices and beliefs.

Plainly put:

You chose to be willfully ignorant of international and domestic affairs. You chose not to do the research I have. You chose to ignore all my talks and warnings. You chose to stand absolutely steadfastly behind a candidate who shares your weaknesses and ignorance because he reminded you of yourselves. That man then did exactly what those of us who knew better told you he would... tens of THOUSANDS of innocent people have been killed as a result and the killing isn't stopping... and this is the direct result of your willfully ignorant poor choices. YOU made the choice to ignore the facts, to NOT have to critically think about the big picture. YOU stood behind that candidate and YOU SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DEATHS OF EVERY ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

(as you yourselves said "Ignorance is bliss, and we just want to be happy.")

For YEARS now, you keep having to admit that I've been right OVER and OVER and OVER, but you never admit it until after the fact! And even when you admit it, and resent me for it... YOU STILL REFUSE TO LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING. No matter how much I prove myself right, no matter how much solid evidence and REALITY backs me up, if it interferes with your FANTASY, you steadfastly IGNORE it.

God said that the world was created in 7 days, sheep and cows and birds were the very first animals, and man was created from mud and breath, and a woman from his rib, and that the sun and the stars were created on different "days", and the heavens were a mechanical dome, and plants were created before there was sunlight to feed their photosynthesis... and even though essentially EVERY SINGLE REPUTABLE SCIENTIST ON EARTH knows these things to be FALSE... you insist that because your MILLENIA old book written by primitive people who didn't know better, IS ABSOLUTELY 100% CORRECT, and every Nobel Scientist on EARTH with over 2,000 years of scientific research, discovery, testing and advancement, is ABSOLUTELY 100% WRONG. And you're 100% sure of this.

and you wonder why people like me laugh at you?

Moreover, "fact" doesn't mean "absolute certainty"; there ain't no such animal in an exciting and complex world. The final proofs of logic and mathematics flow deductively from stated premises and achieve certainty only because they are not about the empirical world. [...] In science "fact" can only mean "confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional consent." I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms.

- Stephen J. Gould, "Evolution as Fact and Theory"; Discover, May 1981

and for good measure, to wrap this up as I realize I'm digressing enormously...

Language is a Virus

I need to take some time to cool off. This bullshit has me fuming.

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