Sunday, July 10, 2005

I agree. Fuck Natalee Holloway.

Kuro5hin has an EXCELLENT article lambasting the media and it's insanely disproportionate coverage of this trivial case.

just read it. I completely agree with what he says.

Fuck Natalee Holloway.


Anonymous said...

I missed the jump off point. Why not "fuck the disproportionate coverage by the media"?

JStressman said...

in part that's true. but it's also a "fuck her for being the upper middle class white girl that was stupid enough to put herself into that situation (and which is the only reason she's getting that much attention "I'll get drunk, by myself, at some bar in a foreign country, and then leave with strangers!")... fuck her mother for putting her there in the first place ("I'm going to send my daughter and her friends to a foreign country to get insanely drunk")... and then fuck the media for their disproportionate coverage etc. ("poor pretty well off white girl goes missing in horrible island of fierce darkies! WE MUST FEAR THE EVIL FOREIGNERS AND SUPPORT THE WAR ON TERROR! anyone not like us is evil!") not to mention the fact that the FBI is involved, 2 foreign governments, AND we're flying FIGHTER JETS around looking for her... MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars going to look for 1 girl... and it's only because of the media attention... wash, rinse and repeat."

all of the above pretty much. I really don't care of that stupid girl is dead or not. so I don't have a problem saying fuck her. :) it doesn't mean I don't think the media and most of the people who eat that shit up aren't fucked as well... which I believe should be obvious.

give me one good reason why I should care at all what happened to her, beyond simply acknowledging that it happened, and that it must suck for her family. done. now why should I care beyond that? oh that's right... because the media says that I should be heartbroken and weeping and that I must need hourly updates on it... and it must need to be THE topic of conversation... I should be wearing a t-shirt with her name on it... and flying down to Aruba to help mount a manned search for her.... etc. we should be spending millions of dollars and untold man hours of our governments time and money as well as our own... rather than focusing on things like the thousands of people dying in Iraq and the war we're losing and how big of a fuck up our president and government actually are... the problems with fossil fuel dependency... the loss of civil rights and freedom here in our country... and all other things that actually fucking matter. we need to be completely heartbroken and absorbed in the story of some girl we've never met, would have never met and who would have never had even the slightest impact on our lives.

sheep. fuck her. fuck her stupid friends. fuck her mom. fuck the media. fuck the government, and fuck most of the population. they are either irrelevant, or part of the problem. fuck them.

nuff said.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you. if it would have been some black,hispanic,asian or even a poor white kid it would been not that big of a deal. but because she was the typical pretty white girl success story, her life is worth more than others. i'm kinda sick of hearing about it. and i'm a white guy!

1 said...

I agree fuck the bitch. She is most likely fish food three times over. I am so sick of this bitches mother squacking on the tube about her little bitch, if she cared so much she would not have let the little slut go to get fucked 3 ways to hell for spring break. She got what she deserved, or maybe she ran away with poco to get away from that bitch of a mother.