Monday, July 11, 2005

patents are horrible.

Concern over BRCA2 patent

European geneticists say changes would force them to ask whether women are Ashkenazi Jews

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Melanie said...

This comment is totally not related to this post but as I was surfing around this morning, I came across this blog:

What's the big deal you say? Well, I've never seen this person comment before and all of a sudden they're popping up on alot of my blogs that I read and are acting like they've been around awhile as another person. At first I thought it was you, because I just noticed yesterday that you've changed your name from phreadom to largo. Or maybe it's always been that way and I just never noticed. So I clicked over to this person's website and profile and it's not you, it's a female, but her "profession" is technology just like yours and her name is similar to yours. I recognize this writing style and she says she has another blog, but I can't figure out who it could be.

Why am I telling you all this? Well because I thought it was kind of freaky to come across the same name in two days. Bizarre actually. And I thought you might like to know there is someone out there with the same name as you. Well, sort of. And don't you know someone named dragon too?

Anyway, I just thought it was kind of weird. And their blog is like yours too.

Okay, I know it's 3:30am and no I'm not on drugs. Maybe I should just go back to bed. Still weird though...

JStressman said...

it's definitely not me... and as of this moment, I have no idea who it is.

but I haven't looked at it yet.. just woke up. let me go have a look and see if I can figure it out.

and no, I was posting as Phreadom on here before... in light of the name of my blog. but that's a nick that I only use when doing phreadom stuff... (or as login names for stuff when largo is taken)

basically I've been using the nick largo for about 10 years now, and phreadom for about 4 in limited cases. when I started my Japanese blog, I wanted to use largo like I would normally (not to mention that phreadom has nothing to do with learning japanese, and largo is actually from an anime), but because of the fact that both blogs use the same profile, I had to modify that to be more palatable to both blogs. you might notice that I changed the wording on my profile as well.

all part of me lightening up and moving in new directions. nothing nefarious, and as far as I know, nothing at all to do with this other blog... but like I said, let me go have a look.

thanks for the heads up.