Saturday, July 23, 2005

oh for the love of god...

Sisters injured in London attacks not deterred.

Both said they've yet to awaken with self-pity or hatred for the attackers. They see their wounds as "souvenirs" and believe the experience has only served to strengthen their Christian faith and their appreciation for what they have.

"There's no better way to fight terrorism than to turn what they meant for evil into good and the Lord is certainly capable of that," Katie Benton said.

Emily Benton said she expects questions of "why" will come eventually, but for now she believes a divine plan for their lives is unfolding.

"I just feel empowered and feel like God's prepared us, both of us, our whole lives for this day," she said. "And he has given us this opportunity I think to just reach out to others and to encourage others who are sick or hurt and just to make a stand against terrorism."

What the FUCK is wrong with these people!? Oh... I know... Christianity!

Yes, your god prepared you your whole life just to be blown up in a subway car. And I'm sure he was preparing all those other people that actually died too... and their families. I'm sure his wonderful plan, because he loves you so much, was to create "terrorism" in the world by creating a bunch of stupid warmongering people in our own government and creating another religion entirely that denounces the divinity of his very own son, just to create the ideology to prompt those "terrorists" to blow you and themselves up and kill all of those other people and inflict that loss and heartache on the families of all those people. Not to mention the repression and slaughter of the hundreds of thousands.. if not millions of innocent people it took to sow the roots of hatred so deeply as to prompt believers in this other religion/ideology to give their very lives to strike back against the countries, religion/ideology and way of life that has caused their people such misery.


You ignorant fucking Christians just trying to look for meaning... your deep seated need for a simple explanation... you can't even see past your own nose... you are blind to the world around you. Your imaginary God is your answer and you are so backwards and ignorant in your mind that you cannot grasp how fundamentally STUPID your painfully childish explanations to yourselves are.



I hate religion.

"... the experience has only served to strengthen their Christian faith ..."


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