Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just when you think you've seen everything...

Ann Coulter

(... a message of hate & intolerance.)

Ann Coulter on Wikiquote.

Ann Coulter on dKosopedia.

Ann Coulter on Wikipedia.

And just for a taste:

Finally, many critics oppose Coulter's support for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, President Richard Nixon, and Senator Joseph McCarthy and many of her stated views, such as:

* Women should not be allowed to vote.
* Women have no capacity to understand how money is earned.
* Women should not be allowed in the military.
* Juvenile delinquents should be publically flogged.
* Liberals should be threatened with death or they will become traitors.
* Environmentalism is against God's wish that we "rape" the Earth.
* The way to prevent school shootings is to allow students to carry guns.
* Canada is lucky that we allow them to exist on the same continent.
* Muslims smell bad and we should forcibly convert them to Christianity.
* The New York Times building should be blown up with the editors and reporters inside.
* Fascism on a local level can be beneficial.

And for more of the same kind of ludicrous idiocy,

I've run across a few other sites, like Life, Liberty, Etc. which I don't wholly disagree with. While I do agree with a lot of the concepts they claim to promote, I simply find that their pride in ignorance, intolerance, hate and destroying the planet while happily murdering any non-Christian-Republican-Americans in the process, to be appalling.

Ann Coulter shirt.
Axis of Evil shirt.
Kick their ass, Take their gas.
Fun facts about the French.
Fun facts about Liberals.

I honestly wasn't sure if this site was serious at first... I mean some of this shit is so far beyond ridiculous that it just couldn't be serious... but, no, it is.

<sarcasm>I love being ridiculed for actually being educated. LOVE IT.</sarcasm>

Something about someone arguing that being intelligent and having an education as being an insult they'll use against you... it really says something about the person that would hold that view. ;-)

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JStressman said...

Indeed. :-/ I learn something new every day. She's one of those people whose name rang a bell with me, but whom I had obviously never actually paid attention to. :-/ It pays to randomly research things sometimes.

Thanks for the complement as well. :-)